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    Buying From France post Brexit.

    I had a sorry experience earlier in the year, I saw a beautiful bike in March on and bought it for 1000euro . Seller was really quite calm and seemed confident that there would be no issues as they had sent loads of bikes and frames over to the UK . It was sent via Colissimo Poste in...
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    Cycle Art - something to do in Tier 5 / Lockdown maybe.

    I`ve always been a bit artistic and I recently made a present for someone that was a bit different involving stamps and a photo frame and decided to do one that other Retrobikers might like to try. I got a pack of of cycling themed stamps from ebay for £3 and a photo frame from Asda for £1.50 ...
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    David Akam`s old ANC Bike Gumtree

    ANC team frame and forks with original C-Record BB and headset on Gumtree . Buy it, Sell all the other bits and build it back up with C-Record ...lovely . Akam only joined ANC in `87 and was a standby for the `87 tour . It`s not mine , I had Steve Jones `86 ANC bike but sold it last year ...
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    Not seen any mention of this on RB , what are peoples thoughts on it ? other than it`s bloody expensive at £2500 for the complete bike or £1500 frameset. Anyone actually ordered one ?
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    Someone snap this up ....its too far from me and collection only or I would have bid it, it`s the only Viscount 600AX I have ever seen and not to be confused with the 600EX . ... Sw3tddhlS- The original press photo that I remember drooling over as a...
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    Modolo Brakes - Help - Advice needed

    Last year I bought a nice pair of new old stock Modolo brake calipers (model `Equipe` ) which I think was the model below the master pro ( even though I cant see any difference ). Anyway I put them away in my `shiny bits for future projects drawer` and only just came to look at them properly and...
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    Joe Waugh in PDM colours

    Recently bought this lovely Joe Waugh 653 in PDM colours . It is in great condition, it has unmarked full chrome rear triangle and forks I haven`t done anything to it yet apart from fit some pedals and adjust the seatpost. I`m hoping to try it over the Bank holiday before I give it a thorough...
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    Peugeot Vitus 979 Build - Arrested Development.

    I have always loved the look of the mid 80`s Peugeot Vitus 979 , I understand the bronze colour was only supplied to Peugeot and it is by far my favourite colour for this frame. Anyway early last year I bought a virtually unused example as a frameset and it`s kind of been on the back burner as...
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    Ti Raleigh Joop Zoetemelk?

    Just picked up this rather lovely timewarp Ti Raleigh which I think is a Joop Zoetemelk special edition?. This bike is a beauty, all original paint and decals, even dealer sticker which has faded but looks like Brown cycles , Newark on trent ? . It`s not the sort of thing I usually buy , it...
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    French thread Freewheel Block 6/7 speed

    Looking for a French threaded 7 speed screw on `racing block` 12-18 / 12-20 ( 6 speed considered also ) Ideally Sachs / maillard or similar French threads are 1.366" x 25.4 tpi imperial / 34.7 x 1 mm metric what have you got? Thanks Andrew
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    In praise of a Retrobiker DSH

    In these days of doom, gloom, brexit, stabbings and the general unpleasantness the world throws at us, I would like to share with you my appreciation of a genuinely nice bloke. I hope he won`t mind me posting this but to say Retrobiker `DSH` is one of life`s good guys is an understatement. David...
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    James May`s Peugeot bicycle

    James May had a Peugeot Comete and it`s on ebay. I am a Peugeot fan myself but the Comete is surely best forgotten ? anyway would anyone be mad enough to spend £600 on it ? ... :rk:1:pf:0
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    Crivens ! , I have bought another Falcon 753 which seems likely to be an ex team banana frame? . Some may recall I previously was lucky enough to find a very tired 753 Falcon from the 1989 PMS Falcon team and restored it as a project detailed elsewhere on this forum, that was sold over a year...
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    Ebay Australia ANC team bike possibly Malcolm Elliott`s ?

    Currently listed on Ebay Australia for the not inconsiderable sum of 100,000 Euro ( £89,864.12 ) this ex ANC bike. ... rk:12:pf:0 I initially suspected it might have been Kvetoslav Palov`s as he moved to OZ after his pro career ended but the more I look...
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    £99 Bargain Peugeot 531pro

    Amazing value BIN @ £99 , got to be worth £250+ in parts with cinelli bars and stem . ( Its not mine ) collect only from Didcot and on the large side for me or I would have snapped this up. ... :rk:3:pf:0
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    Perplexed by this very nice Falcon 753 on ebay at the moment. Some may be aware I previously refurbished an ex team 753 from the 1989 PMS Falcon team ( elsewhere on this forum ) and my enquiries concluded Falcon only made 753 for their pro teams. However just look at this beauty, it has chrome...
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    What bottom bracket for Vitus 979 with C-Record chainset ?

    I have always wanted a mk2 Peugeot Vitus 979 and now I have one en-route to me as below.If the condition is as good as it looks then I will be v. happy. I am intending to build it with C-record. Now I have done a full C-record build previously on a steel frame and used a 111 mm spindle length...
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    eBay Raleigh SBDU6608 ? 753 PRO

    Lovely Refurbished 753 pro super. Ends in under 2 days but already at £745 suspect it`ll go much higher as it has a super record derailleur and new old stock Cinelli bars and stem. Seller listed as serial number 809985 but suspect he`s reading it upside down and its actually SB6608 ...
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    Interesting High end Puch Mistral

    modified Puch Mistral Ultima 531 pro on ebay ( not mine ) but you dont see many of the higher end Mistrals in the UK . I once owned the lowly `Tour de France` model in the same colours with 2500 gaspipe tubing which weighed a ton but was nice to ride. I would be surprised if it fetched anywhere...
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    £25 COUGAR?

    Just seen this ... SwoJxbhSj7 Not sure if it is a Cougar but it is £25 collect only Ramsgate with some decent kit on it. Worth closer to £200 I would have thought even in bits. Someone grab it quick.