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    Wanted Campagnolo Veloce Medium Or Long Cage 9 Speed Rear Derailleur Wanted 1990's.

    As above, if you have one for sale please send me a private message. Thank you.
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    Campagnolo Compatibility And Feasibility Question.

    I have a mid 90's 'pointy' hood 9 speed Veloce ergoshifter groupset on a Colnago Super of the same vintage.I'm wondering as to the feasibility of replacing the ergoshifters with Campagnolo 9 speed indexed downtube shifters.Can anyone who knows tell me if Veloce 9 speed downtube shifters are...
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    Vintage Frame With Current Campagnolo Groupset Build?

    My brother in law is starting on a build he's just received a vintage Joe Waugh 531 frameset.The rear dropout spacing is 130mm,but may have originally been built as 126mm.He intends to install a new 11 speed Centaur groupset are there any problems he may encounter running 11 speed on a vintage...
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    Shimano 8 speed Indexed Shifter Flat Backing Plates Wanted.

    As title if anyone has the flat backing plates they would sell as in the pic, ... -l1600.jpg please let me know.
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    Giant Cadex CFR 4 Downtube Shifter Backing Plate/Spacer?

    I'm building up a Giant Cadex CF-R 4 and I want to run it with downtube shifters.I've just realised that my 8 speed Shimano DT shifters backing plates are not compatible with the Cadex frame DT bosses and need a flat backing plate and not the usual type that follows the radius of the frame down...
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    Shimano 1055 Brake Calipers Wanted.

    As title Shimano 105 1055 brake calipers wanted back and front 49-39 reach,complete working and in good condition OR same as the above to be used for spares..
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    Campagnolo mid 90's 9 speed Ergo Shifters?

    I have a mid 90's 9 speed pointy hood Campag Ergo shifters triple groupset on a Colnago Super.The right hand shifter needs a replacement ratchet ring,which is impossible to find in the UK. If I were to get more recent Veloce 10 speed shifters,rear derailleur and cassette would the left hand...
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    Wilier Frame question.

    I got this Wilier frameset a couple of months ago, ... -l1600.jpg can anyone let me know if the BB is English or Italian thread,please and what is the opinion about this particular wilier frame good or bad? I'm abroad so not able to inspect it in...
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    Xenon Crankset Spindle Compatibility?

    I bought one of these it arrived today, ... xygPtSsXp3 but my Xenon cranks do not seem to sit far enough on to the spindle with hand pressure alone? I have not tried drawing them on with the crank bolts for fear of stretching them. Did I buy the wrong...
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    9 Speed Veloce Poor Shifting Question?

    I have a mid 90's Colnago Super with Campy 9 speed Veloce groupset.The right hand ergo shifter shifts up and down the cassette,but skips over the second and third cog and the paddle shifter feels a little vague and spongy. I have stripped the shifter and inspected all the component parts and...
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    RR Sprint Sizing?

    I have a 1983 JPS Special black and gold Raleigh Record sprint with a 21'' seat tube.The top tube is 22.5'' long and at my height of 5'7'' a little stretched out! According to the catalogue specs of the time the smallest size the RRS was available in was 21'',but was there a choice in top tube...
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    Early 7 speed Shimano HG Freewheel Hub Question.

    I have a Mavic wheelset with Shimano 105 hubs the freewheel is 7 speed HG 126mm axle width. Will current production 7 speed Shimano HG cassettes fit the vintage HG freewheel hub? The rear derailleur I will be using is a Shimano 105 marked RD1056 short cage.How many teeth maximum can I...
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    To Cold Set A Frame Or Not?

    Is it worthwhile or unnecessary to cold set a frame when going from 126mm to 130mm hub spacing?
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    A Question About Vintage STI Shifters.

    Recently I have come in to possession of a couple of sets of Vintage STI shifters,Shimano RX100 8 speed and Campagnolo Veloce 9 speed. My question is,do these shifters typically require cable pull tension to function properly up and down the ratchet when not actually part of a bike?
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    8 Speed Shifters With 7 Speed Cassette?

    I'm thinking of running a 7 speed uniglide cassette with 8 speed RX100 shifters. Will this combo index ok?I'm assuming the rear mech travel stop will not allow the shifter to click to its final position,therefore operating as a 7 speed shifter?
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    25-630 tyres?

    Though I can get 27" x 1" tyres will 27 x 1 1/8 tyres also fit on a 25-630 rim?
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    Raleigh Record Sprint Black Plastic Friction Shifters.

    I have the above shifters on my Record Sprint can someone familiar with these let me know the correct sequence of assembly,please.
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    27 x 1 1/4 Rims?

    Does anyone know where I can get a new 27 x 1 1/4 double walled rim from in the UK? Google and ebay searches that I've done don't come up with anything other than single walled rims.
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    Indexed Shifting Help.

    I'm trying to get a 7 speed Shimano 300EX rear derailleur to index using Exage sport shifters. It seems I can either get the low range of the cassette shifting smoothly or the high range,but not across the whole range. When I adjust the tension on the cable so that the chain will climb up onto...
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    Uneven Rim Braking surface?

    I have a vintage weinmann front rim with an uneven braking surface that came off of a Raleigh clubman that has only done a clocked 400 miles from new,so the rim has seen very little wear. When the front brake is applied there is some juddering,can the rim be fixed or should it be discarded?