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    Brexit and shipping to EU

    I’m sure many of us have bought parts and sold parts (and more) from/to EU over the years. Has anyone done so recently, post 31 jan 21? Obviously the media has been frothing about this a bit but whats the reality. I’m asking now as I have a member in Germany wanting to buy £30ish worth of...
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    Syncros 1 inch quill stem

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    Syncros Cattlehead Stem - 1inch ahead - buy 1 get one free

    For sale one near mint silver Syncros stem with the clamp and top cap. Was NOS but I installed it on a build which ultimately took a different path. So never actually used. 150mm 15 deg. For 1 inch aheadset set up - rare I know I also have a black one in used condition, bit shorter at 135mm...
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    Zinn Classic - Now SOLD

    Mine, honest bike Short build thread on here I think, plus original for sale thread. Came untouched from the North East, I’ve just tuned it up to make it rideable. Nice to see a full Sachs build too. I’ve kept any original bits swapped out and will...
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    XT 730/2 black cantis x 4 ** kinda sorted for now **

    Looking for a full set of the black version of these wide profile Canti, in good condition Thanks
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    Saracen Tufftrax 1987 - frame and forks - karma

    Had this up on eBay and the BMX crowd went nuts for the 24 inch wheel. Sold just the wheels for more than I had listed the full bike in the end. However splitting such a bike leaves a bitter taste, so hopefully can appease the retro cycling gods by Karmaering the frame/forks/stem/headset and...
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    1987 Saracen Tufftrax - 24 inch wheels! ... SwDbJfMAXN Mine - I bought it from a member here a few years ago, for the kids but never worked out. It’s a little deceptive as it’s a 17 inch frame despite the smaller wheels, so suits a rider at least 5ft 4 All good to go as is - but btm bracket...
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    1987 Saracen Trekker UU - now SOLD ... SwQqpfKtK6 Mine, great great bike, £80 to RBer
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    Muddy Fox Courier Comp

    My dads old one £100 via Retrobike if anyone is keen ... SwHYRfKnkS
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    Levers for V brake and U brake

    Just bought an old Fire Mountian, to build something akin to a Islabike Benin 26 for my 11 year old. Would quite like to use some modern Avid V brakes I have spare but obviously the rear end plumbing is for a U brake. Obviously I could have a Canti up front, or mis matched levers, but just...
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    Small frame and forks - 14 inch approx

    Looking to build a simple rigid bike for a 12 year old I’ve got stacks of kit so just frame and forks really Thanks
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    British Eagle Strato

    Hi, I’m a bit more active on the MTB side of this site, but over lockdown I’ve had the time to finish this 10 speed. Appreciate this is very low end compared to most of the bikes here, but this was my first ‘proper bike’ as a teenager, must have been 87 I think, and I rode it a lot, partly for...
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    M900 shifters

    Mine ... SwOINer-tw £70 posted via RB if anyone wants them
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    Retro bits on ebay

    A few bits of mine I’m not going to be using any time soon RB discount available as per normal ... pg=&_from=
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    Condor 853

    This looks interesting, if you like v brakes ... SwTWxcqfxs
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    1990-1992 Stumpjumper

    Frame and forks or full bike or anything in between Ideally rigid Condition not important so long as rideable
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    Wiggo Lance bromance

    Bit weird but anything to flog a book for the Xmas MAMIL market
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    Gt richter ... 0009.m1982
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    Need some uncut black bars for my 91 Zinn Ideally Reynolds, or 3ttt. But open to other brands if they suit eg ITM etc
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    Zinn Classic

    You may well have seen this for sale here over the last months Finally I bought it and thanks to some amazing help from Kingbling getting this bike down south, finally it’s here