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    Old Control Tech pulleys

    Does anyone know if they work well as a floating pulley on shimano derrailleurs?
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    itm goccia stem

    I have an itm stem that looks just like a Goccia but without the model name on top. I wonder if ITM sold something similar. Any info? I won´t sell it. Just out of curiosity.
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    adjustable chainline Sq taper BB 107mm

    Raceface, syncros, phil.. anything i can correct my chainline w/.
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    replacement barrel nut/rod for syncros post.

    I have a beautifull and useless syncros post here since one of the barrel nut´s thread is stripped. I have no idea where to find these things. Thomson´s barrel nut is almost the same size except it´s not exactly the size so no game. Any ideas? Thnks
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    brass rod for syncros seatpost.

    I need one replacement rod. Anyone?
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    suntour xc front derr. bottom pull bottom swing

    It´s the middle size bracket i need.. 30.8 i believe.
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    Marz. Bomber Z2 or atom bomb in good shape.

    I would rather buy the 70mm travel unit. Seller should have no problem shipping internationally.
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    What part do you still covet after all these years?

    Ebay made dreams come thru. We all bought the bikes we stared at shop windows when we were young and poor... but there is still that part that never came thru. It´s the one which would make a bike perfect, that tall drop doable and make pain in our old bodies go away... not. My short list: _ a...