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    Rocky Mountain Altitude

    Good news for my son - we were stopping by a supermarket today to pick up a pizza slice and decided to check out the second hand / thrift store next door quickly. A Rocky Mountain Altitude was parked outside and had just been dropped off to the shop that morning.Seems to be a perfect fit for my...
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    Rockshox SID fork

    Looking for a Rockshox SID from 2000's to put on my son's bike.
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    Sugino XD Pro Triple Chainring and Shimano Drive Train

    Looking to replace an old Shimano chain ring with a Sugino XD Pro Triple Chainring. Very unsure however of how compatible they are. The rear cassette is Shimano 8 speed. Is there anything I need to know ? Thanks!
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    Wanted Sugino XD600

    Recently been reading a few reviews on Sugino XD600 chainwheel does nay one know here I can buy one in UK or Europe ?
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    Kicking off restoration project - Marin Sausalito FS

    Came across this forum whilst researching for my first ever restoration project. I have recently bought a new bike and now am planning to restore my Marin Sausalito FS to its former glory. The bike I have in question is the 1999 model and its had a fair number of miles ridden on it and is...