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  1. n-massa

    Wanted ★ Syncros seatpost φ30.4mm

    I am looking for an early generation "Syncros" seat post. The size is 30.4mm dia. and the length should be 425mm if possible. Decals or no decals are fine as long as the seatpost itself is in good condition. My order of preference - Second generation or Third generation - First generation I am...
  2. n-massa

    Withdrawn end

  3. n-massa

    Withdrawn BLT Dual Lighting System

    I am looking for a "BLT DUAL Lighting System" from around 1991. I don't think there are any in good condition, including the water bottle type battery. I'm hoping for the impossible miracle that there are any "NOS" left.
  4. n-massa


    I am looking for "TANGE SUPER BIG FORK: steerer 1-1/8 length140mm, fork φ31.8mm". If possible, a "ROCKY MOUNTAIN" original fork is preferable, but even in other cases, I am waiting for contact from those who have "TANGE SUPER BIG FORK" that I do not plan to use. Thank you😊 The ideal one is...
  5. n-massa

    Withdrawn "TANGE SUPER BIG FORK : 1-1/8, steerer length 140mm, fork φ31.8mm"

    I'm looking for a syncros "Power Light Fork" (1-1 / 8, steerer length 140mm or more). We look forward to hearing from those who have it but do not intend to use it. Please cooperate with my bicycle reconstruction plan. It is a policy change. I was looking for "syncros power lite fork", but...
  6. n-massa

    Withdrawn I will post again! I'm enthusiastically looking for "Syncros PowerLite Fork" ...

    Please let me know if there are any things to be aware of when trying to purchase "Syncros PowerLite Fork" second hand. But I haven't found "Syncros PowerLite Fork" yet, and I don't think it's easy to find ...