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    7 Speed Cassette Compatibility

    I have a couple of 7 speed LX rear hubs (560 and 563) with their original freehubs and I have two new HG41-7ac cassettes, neither cassette fits either freehub. There’s about 1mm of play between the 6 cog block and the small ring. I’ve tried a spacer at the back but the 2 rivets that (I’m...
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    Wanted M900 compatible inner chainring bolts

    Like an idiot I rode off with them finger tight after a deep clean. Lost 4 bolts and spacers. From measuring the only one that didn’t fall off they are M8 bolt with 13.7mm of threaded bolt M8 spacer that’s 5.3mm deep can’t find anything too close online (5mm spacers are easy but I’m guessing...
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    Magura HS33 Brake lever not springing back

    Am I missing something? I have bought two independent brakes on eBay from two different sellers. I've stripped and cleaned both and setup one (the rear) completely with new fluid and bleeding. I squeeze the lever and the pads actuate, but the lever doesn't return to neutral on releasing the...
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    Wanted Manitou 2 Top Caps

    Hey, does anybody have a spare pair of top caps from the early manitous. Simple aluminium disc type. cheers
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    Trek Mogul Black Diamond Forks (1993?)

    I just picked up a 1993 KHS that had these on. Knowing they certainly weren't standard I assumed they we're semi-modern trash, but a few searches suggest they are 1993 and a really early air shock from the era of elastomers. Anybody have much information about them, I don't recall them being...
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    Flushing Magura HS33

    I have picked up a set of HS33s that one of the pistons was not moving on. I've stripped them and not much fluid seemed to come out of the small tube between the two brake pad units, I'm guessing it was empty or blocked. I have about enough fluid to fill the system once, so before I waste it...
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    Manitou2 1” Stearer/crown sell or swap for a short 1 1/8

    I’m looking to swap my 1 1/8 steerer for a 1”. Happy to buy but could also swap, but note it’s cut quite short (need to check but in the region of 120mm). Mine’s threaded, happy to take either. Also need a paid of top caps. Cheers
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    Period correct shifting options

    I’m building a KHS Montana Team which ran XTR and have sourced Magura HS33 brakes as I want to ride it, and cantilevers look better than they perform. Can only think of XT thumbies for shifting but am I right in thinking they were all 7s? If so, what 8s XTR compatible shifter options am I...
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    Running modern handlebars and stem

    Having faithfully restored 3 early 90s bikes last year I slightly backed off interest when I started riding more again and accepted that they really didn’t ride that great if I was honest. This month though I completed more of a semi-rat build and decided to test a more modern cockpit. 70mm...
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    Frame respray near Oxford

    Hi All, After a summer spent riding I’m spending more time back in the shed. Subject says it all, any recommendations?
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    Just Sand It?

    When you strip paint off a steel frame the steel is darker than it is after a sanding. Is there any form of galvanisation in that state, or is it just a non-rust oxidisation? Just wondering what to do before I go in with the sandpaper.
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    KHS Montana Team 1993 (US Spec)

    It’s proven hard to get a Team frame but I now have a 1994 (edit: frame built Sept 1993, colour scheme 1994 sales year in Europe, but US spec so unsure of their dates) off eBay. The paint is about as bad as is possible so it’s going to have to come off if this thing’s going to be saved. So...
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    Magura Sleeve Question

    What am I missing here? The sleeve seems too short to wrap the brake even though the mounts when closed on their own squeeze the sleeve closed. Obviously this size differential means they’re not fitting in the mounts. I’m tempted to try to clamp it with the bolt and see if it squeezes up, but...
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    Proflex Swingarm Diagram

    Does anybody have an eManual or even just a diagram of how the rear swing arm mounts to the ~bottom bracket area on an early Proflex (specifically a 550 but they all look similar during the elastomer era)?
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    Magura Brake Booster

    Has a chunk been cut off this brake booster? I bought a set of Magura HS33 brakes with only one booster. Ignore the fact I screwed up the repainting, has the mounting hole been cut off? Looking at photos online, and offering it up to a bike I think it has.
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    Faking the Pace Fork Look

    This person seems to want the Pace fork look so bad they've installed the fork backwards... ... 0227.m3827
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    Manitous with Die Springs

    I’ve been rebuilding a set of Manitou Answer M Sports and before going for new elastomers I thought I’d try industrial die springs (rather than wire based springs like Wings). They were super cheap at £1.63 each (though I’ve bought various sizes and spring levels to experiment). They don’t...
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    2007 Kona King Kikapu

    I've been posting a lot in the -->1997 forum recently but thought I post a bike I'm actually riding a lot at the moment. It's a bit heavy but actually rides really nicely. Amazing how much geometry changed in the 12 years after the 1995 bike I'm working on, more so than in the 13 years since...
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    Offroad Proflex 550 1991

    Well, while I wait for the tyres to finish the P7, I found myself on ebay. I won a Aluminium Elite, only to find I'd not met the reserve, which means they want too much for it. Annoyed and now "on tilt", I low-balled a Make Offer Buy-it- Now at barely 50% of the asking price only to see it...
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    Orange P7 1995

    After posting my last build at the end of the work (viewtopic.php?f=6&t=408488) I thought I'd start my next one at the beginning, so sorry, it'll be going a while. It's also not going to be as much of a perfect rebuild for a few reasons, one of which is I feel guilty taking up delivery driver's...