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    Vintage Raleigh Frame cleaning.

    Hi Rob, I used white spirit to clean up the hoods and it worked very well,but did initially leave the rubber slightly tacky to the touch.I can't remember for sure whether the original rims are marked Alesa or not they are currently in the loft,but are the original aero rims the Elix...
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    Vintage Raleigh Frame cleaning.

    Hello, I just cleaned the frame as best I could using the received advice in the thread above and in this youtube vid, Touching up of the white fading where necessary was easy to match,of course and for the blue I just used a light blue as close as I could get from a local auto...
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    For Sale Lots of Campag Chorus/Centuar/Zenon/Veloce

    I'd like the Xenon 9 speed shifters if still available,please? PM sent.
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    1992 Bianchi Project 5 gravel build

    Nice job, a great looking very practical and versatile build! 👍
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    1922 +/- BSA Indian Motorcycle Co. Road Race Bike

    Wonderful, what plans do you have for it?
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    Wanted Campagnolo Veloce Medium Or Long Cage 9 Speed Rear Derailleur Wanted 1990's.

    As above, if you have one for sale please send me a private message. Thank you.
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    Sold Karma- Ambrosio 1" Thread less headset

    Hello montair, Great,It's my lucky day and my commiserations to Foreigner! I am not the Markone you refer to,by the way. PM on its way. Mark.
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    I think the larger wheel size wouldn't be a deal breaker for me. Vid,
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    State bicycle co are now doing a Klunker,
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    You're right!
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    Sure, baggy T shirt and shorts are are brakes,though! :)
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    It looks great how effective are those hub brakes?
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    Sold Karma- Ambrosio 1" Thread less headset

    Hello montair, I recently acquired an aluminium Jeff Bruce frame dating back to the first half of the 90's, complete with Sintema Design carbon forks with 1'' carbon steerer and what I assume is the original headset, a Stronglight Headstrong 1'' tapered roller bearing...
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    Gary Fisher Marlin 1997(?) - Sold p/p

    Re: Gary Fisher Marlin 1997(?) - Cheap! Hello, I will take this please. PM to follow....
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    What is light for a retro MTB ??

    I just acquired a steel fully rigid 1998 GT Outpost Trail that weighs in at 31lbs,so from my perspective 24lbs sounds like a featherweight!lol
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    Sold Chainrings ALL SOLD, THANKS!

    Re: Chainrings I'll take them both,please,PM to follow.....
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    FOR SALE - Bontrager Race Aero 700c Wheels - Orange RX9 Fork

    Thanks for the info Carge,I will continue to give the wheels some thought.
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    FOR SALE - Bontrager Race Aero 700c Wheels - Orange RX9 Fork

    I'm in Hertfordshire.What speed,by the way is the freehub?
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    FOR SALE - Bontrager Race Aero 700c Wheels - Orange RX9 Fork

    Can you tell me,please are the wheels true and the axle bearings smooth and what speed freehub capacity?