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  1. reanimation

    Sold Syncros Mountain Stem 1 inch ahead NOS gunmetal

    Syncros Mountain Stem 15 degree 140mm 1" steerer Gunmetal Original packaging - comes with top cap and alloy insert wedge instead of SFN. I've had this a few years, to try on my builds, tried on, but otherwise NOS unused. Letting back out in the wild! Really nice piece of engineering. Should be...
  2. reanimation

    Renthal Pace RC Sub 130 bars? Length and plugs? Advice, strength...

    RC130, did they come in multiple sizes? Pace Portfolio 1992 states they are 23" so at least 58cm... I bought mine on here a decade ago, can't remember who from but they were off his wife's bike, so I'd sort of presumed they'd had an easy life (if it was a leisurely ride bike). I never measured...
  3. reanimation

    Mavic EX721 36h rim NOS Silver like D521 Freeride - touring

    Mavic EX721 36h NOS Silver Maxtal strong rim 21mm internal Unused unbuilt. I could actually do with a new black one ideally 32h, or maybe 36h. So swap for black or £30 plus post. Useful for DH Jump Freeride, and also touring, at 590g they're OK for general riding too.
  4. reanimation

    1989 Muddy Fox Seeker 19" (Frameset SOLD)

    Sold frame set parts available I've pulled this old gem out of the loft. Bought It when looking for a 1990 but since built up a 21" frame from scratch as a nice Utility bike, It was so nice to ride, I ended up finding a load of nice NOS Deore II to fit on it and some new wheels as a cherished...
  5. reanimation

    Muddy Fox Seeker 1989 19 inch frame set/project

    This is mine. I built a 21 inch frame up and was do amazed how nice it felt I bought a load of nice NOS Deore to rebuild it with. This is my slightly smaller 19" project. I was going to offer here first but the cheap fee offer prompted action. I'll put together an advert here later with the...
  6. reanimation

    Dialled Love Hate mk1 (2007?) - build ideas

    So there I was attempting to cull a few projects, particularly ones a bit small or ones I tried, with my 18" Decade Virtue still for sale... I do like a bit of SS, or did when I was actively riding a lot. From my 24 DMR Rhythm, up to my 700c Genesis Day One, I tried it with a Fixed gear Genesis...
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    DMR Display Pit Bike Frame and forks NOS - shop display

    I've a DMR Display frameset to sell. (This is for a new frame fork and stand, not full bike, that's staying!) These were shop displays and not meant to be bikes but can be built up as I've proved with my other one! Built for my kids and for a laugh with 14" wheels, BMX parts and DMR/KUK bits...
  8. reanimation

    Mavic x517 wheels/rims used Citron Citrus

    Selling these as spares or repairs. On Altus hubs. could refresh bearings and/or grease and true up front, and add spacer to rear and check spokes or put the rims on fancier hubs if you're handy like that. Currently no bids so might end early for a reasonable offer...
  9. reanimation

    Wheel choice Mavic for Nitanium Rockhopper

    I think my late 90s Rockhopper Project is back on, got a nice Nickel one that needs a clean of of surface rust spots and polish. Needs that work but It'll be somewhere between a light utility bike and retro XC trail bike. Might end up too cherished to commute or do shops on i bet... Build is...
  10. reanimation

    Kinesis UK Decade Virtue Prestige 2009ish

    Hiya Retrobikers, Finally built! The Virtue has been on the to do list for too long I bought it from Liam 1611 some time a few years ago, maybe 2012! Ever since I've been collecting bits even though it was never a main bike, though I already prefer it to my old Bfe. Both this and the BFE by...
  11. reanimation

    DMR Omen, ebay auction time

    Hiya, I decided to split my Omen a few weeks ago. It wasn't getting used enough, and is one of a few small play bikes. Back on eBay. Was gonna keep and build but giving it a shot. ... 1555.l2649
  12. reanimation

    DMR Omen 4x frame - posher Sidekick/Trailstar £109 Inc posta

    Hiya, I'm selling my fun little Omen frame. It's in great condition and a perfect little fun play bike or something to actually seriously race on!!! Basically a lighter heat treated Tange infinity Sidekick with 69 degree head and modern features. Edit! It's on eBay auction
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    GT frame GONE SOLD

    KARMA frame for pub or commute or even MTB! GONE/SOLD, thanks for interest.
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    FreeAgent Flying Fortress Frame 2000ish orange dirt jump

    Flying Fortress in General Lee orange. 21" or 21.25" top tube This was my beloved fast commuting bike in 2005 (44t-14t! :D ) lots of fun sprinting to work and back. I've just recently stripped it to frame only, seatpost shim still in there as are BB cups (US). it had bits of dings from use...
  15. reanimation

    DMR Switchback 2003/4? Built - to rebuild bigger and NOS!

    Behold this near mythical beast! :LOL: :cool: Possibly one of the least tough DMR bikes intended for XC and trail. Lots of stories and reports out there of breakages, possibly just misused. I have a Kinesis Decade Virtue too and those were reported to crack around the seat tube top, mines OK...
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    DMR Trailstar 1997/8 differences to TS2

    Geometry differences? General differences? What were the differences and which rides best. So I'm sat here with a Trailstar 1998 built up, a Trailstar 2 frame, a Sidekick based Omen, and a 16" Switchback. Yeah I know! :lol: I'd presumed that there was no difference but possibly the TS2 is a...
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    Powder coated 1993 Orange Prestige bike classic on Facebook

    Anyone on here? Interesting finish. Keen enough price for a ready to ride bright retro! What do we reckon? ... 8986537205
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    DMR Trailstar 2 frame build all rounder rigid OW fork colour

    So I've really been going round in circles with what to build as a round town bike. I want something subtle but something that can do anything and don't want hassle from a bright bike while out with kids or locking it up at a shop or work. I was building a P7 as a commuter, or the RustHopper, or...