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  1. Hotwheels.

    10th Ani
  2. Hotwheels.

    Wanted Original black Ringle H2o cage

    Long shot but ideally need a mint one with no internal rub marks please, re-ano would be cool too. Failing that, a worn one of any colour that I could have re-anodised.
  3. Hotwheels.

    Sweet stem, literally.
  4. Hotwheels.

    Beautiful carbon wheels, not seen these before...

  5. Hotwheels.

    Craig bar ends

    Have you ever seen anything so purple?
  6. Hotwheels.

    Import charges

    Do they just make them up? This is for some pedals from the US.
  7. Hotwheels.

    Early Attitude BIN £210

    Be quick:
  8. Hotwheels.

    Quick, fun quiz....

    ....of which I only scored 15 of 25. My excuse is that some are newer than 2000 and some DH bikes. I got 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 21, 23, 24. Yes I know that’s only 13 but I knew the manufacturer of 7 & 8 so I’m claiming them. I also recognised 3, 16 & 17 but my pickled brain wasn’t...
  9. Hotwheels.

    Beautiful Ti fork

    Oh the welds 🤤:
  10. Hotwheels.

    Cool af Bonty stem/bar combo

    The cool and lightweight riveted (no bulky clamp/bolt) combo, shipping is a bit of a boner killer mind:
  11. Hotwheels.

    New old very cool Maserati.
  12. Hotwheels.

    Rare curiosity...

    ...and useful too!
  13. Hotwheels.

    First Grafton, now Boone.

    Here’s another world class resurgence, a real boon (pun not intended): Those cranx though!! I’ve asked if he’s gonna make them in square taper.
  14. Hotwheels.

    Chuck it all in a skip...

    While watching Finding Alice (with the extremely fit Keeley Hawes, WOOF WOOF!) which is about her partner who dies, I struck up the convo about if I died and what she’d do with all my stuff...’easy’ she said, ‘I’d skip most of it’. -What, even my bike stuff? :shock: ‘Well how am I supposed to...
  15. Hotwheels.

    7 speed Kona humuhumu BE QUICK! ... SwVNZf~KP5
  16. Hotwheels.

    Sweet Tioga tyres ... SwH-RfxpgO
  17. Hotwheels.

    Sweet Miyata tyres ... SwtsNfSFlx
  18. Hotwheels.

    Sweet Pacific tyres ... SwHORb2c~W
  19. Hotwheels.


    I ordered loads of expensive gifts for her but instead bike parts keep turning up, I’m devastated.
  20. Hotwheels.

    Campagnolo KAPPA rims

    Hi, I'm looking for a very good to NOS pair of 32H silver KAPPA rims please. Ciao!