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  1. VelvetDonkey

    Monti bikes (Cicli di Baggio)

    This is an initial call for info, as I sense a long-term restoration coming on. Was gifted an old frame by a departing friend. Some previous numpty had sprayed it black - badly. My cyclO-CD kicked in, and I started to clean off the old paint, revealing original decals with the company name. The...
  2. VelvetDonkey

    Marin Palisades circa 1987

    Time to stop reading other peoples' stories and contribute one of my own, then :D Just tidied up this lovely Marin Palisades, which we found in a musty corner of a charity shop. The colour scheme dates it as pre-'90, which is when Marin moved to 2-tone paint jobs. Probably '87 or '88, but...
  3. VelvetDonkey

    Marin Pro-Combo tyres wanted

    Just restored a 1988 Marin Pallisades, all original parts, and want to fit the tyres to match. Some amber-walled shoes to set off her lovely makeover! Anyone?