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  1. sinnerman

    Offroad Horny Toad

    im not at all surprised... :cool:
  2. sinnerman

    Offroad Horny Toad

    I would love your Brodie, (to help fund the move), but i fear the cost + post +customs would render it out of reach if not already sold.
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    Bristol Homegrown Fillet. with matching stem, minimal; work and original, got to be a no brainer, imho.
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  5. sinnerman

    Can anyone date/ID this Bonty...

    No expert just a long term fan. In fact i even argued the point of the headtube size, due to selling them for years and even post 98 never retailed one with an 1" 1/8 headtube. Alas i was wrong despite never seeing one at the time. Go Figure. I can only echo all the sentiment here though, it is...
  6. sinnerman

    For Sale Klein Quantum Pro 1995 SOLD

    How Times change. Like you I listed a Bontrager road bike in the MTB section. Got BURNED at the STAKE for it too. GLWS.
  7. sinnerman

    Zinniness ...... lets build the dream, Project Flowers

    It White. Its Light Its Got Flowers And my cap is tipped. Fantastic Job..x
  8. sinnerman

    BoTM BotM September 2021 - nominations

    I Love the Pink Dale, One i would love to own. The Zinn. ive waited here 11 years, many talked of it, but this was executed with Love, and a brilliant job done too. That bike, the recreation of it, the thread, the Malvern's display and inclusion of this bike........., Every Icon deserves BOTY...
  9. sinnerman

    Overbury Pioneer - Any advice, information gratefully received!

    Sweet> in that condition, i would think there will be offers around the £1000 mark given its rarity and size.
  10. sinnerman

    1982 Stumpjumper

    Perhaps Lee Chi copied the Dia compe, sooooooo long ago, cheap at the moment regardless... :cool:
  11. sinnerman

    1982 Stumpjumper

    Are those cantilevers correct for this model, i dont know much, but they look like "lee-chi" to me, i thought that was reserved for Emelle and BSOs of the time...?
  12. sinnerman

    BoTM BotM July 2021 - the vote

    I bet you said that when you left the Louvre.......... ;)
  13. sinnerman

    BoTM BotM July 2021 - the vote

    Proper job with the Brodie and the Klein. :cool:
  14. sinnerman

    Smelly saddle - just drill it 😷

    3 pages in, There are a lot here that sniff saddles it seems.....(sorry i cant help but see the funny side of this).
  15. sinnerman

    BoTM Bike of The Month July 2021 - nominations thread

    They are breeding........ :cool:
  16. sinnerman

    BoTM Bike of The Month July 2021 - nominations thread

    im unsure what came first the chicken or the egg, history shows, all the best ideas are stolen...! :cool:
  17. sinnerman

    BoTM Bike of The Month July 2021 - nominations thread

    The Yeti looks like its paint was stolen from Marks Overburys.
  18. sinnerman

    For Sale Bontrager OR 17"

    I do like a Klein. But the Bontrager wasn't the follower of fashion. and that's why it was just that good.
  19. sinnerman

    Reynolds tubed townsend bike for 99p?

    The river bought a
  20. sinnerman

    NOS Bombers Z4's on Wiggle

    I loved the advert, singing the praises and no mention of them both being so heavy.