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  1. secret_squirrel

    Dekerf Team 853 SST - full bike SOLD for £800 collected

    Reluctant sale of my favourite bike that I just dont ride any more. :( More pics to follow There is a tiny ding on the top tube, that I have only just spotted, and am really annoyed about, trying really hard to get a photo of it. Dekerf Team 853 SST Seattube 17.5" CTT, 21.5” top tube CTC in...
  2. secret_squirrel

    DeKerf Team SST

    Genuinely have no idea how much is now worth so to avoid a heart led estimate could you lot help? Dekerf Team 853 SST 17.5" in Guinness Brown with Orange Maple leaves. Pace RC38 LT Suspension forks. Chris King Mango Headset in 1 1/8" Hope Race Evo X2 levers and callipers. Hope Floating rotors...
  3. secret_squirrel

    Chain Ring Sale - Middleburn, Tioga and Ride

    All Rings are Compact 94BCD unless noted Package Deal - Everything listed here for £40 Middleburn Hardcoat/SlickShift/Black. Think the grey ones are hardcoat and the bronze ones are slickshift but don’t sue me if its the other way around. Prices on the Middleburn - £10 for an outer £7.50 for...
  4. secret_squirrel

    SOLD 9 Speed Mini Gruppo XT 750 Shifters / XTR 95x Mechs £50

    Package Deal - £50 for the Lot. SOLD at this price, Short Cage XTR 952 Rear Mech £30 31.8 XTR 952 Front Mech top pull £20 XT 750 Shifters & cables £30 More Pics here!Am-7wFMkspm4gbx03nr ... w?e=qG4MjO
  5. secret_squirrel

    Stronglight 1" headsets, Velo Orange Neg Rise Ahead Stem

    All prices posted Stronglight A9 1" rollerbearing ahead silver threaded NIB - £15 Stronglight A9 1" Rollerbearing ahead silver, black top cap lightly used (just greasy) - £13 Stronglight A9 1" Threaded black NIB - £13 Velo Orange NIB negative rise 80mm 31.8 with 25.4 spacers - £25
  6. secret_squirrel

    Tiagra 4700 Crank £15, New Success Crank £15, Campy Ring 38t

    Tiagra 4700 Cranks lightly used . 170mm. £15 posted No rings. Sachs New Success Cranks 172.5mm long. 130PCD £15. New Stronglight 10sp Campy Chain Ring 38T. £20 99% certain this is the funny campy BCD with the offset 5th bolt.
  7. secret_squirrel

    NIB USE SX Suspension Post

    USE SX Shokpost - NIB -hard elastomer 370mm 27.2mm. £45 posted SOLD STUFF ======= Lightly used Rohloff 7-8sp chain. Ridden a couple of times on my best bike, still has factory grease on it 108 links £20 SOLD Probably the best chain in the world. Lasts for years longer than any other...
  8. secret_squirrel

    Gil M pace RC200 SS IS Mount Dropouts

    Single speed IS mount dropouts as made up by our own GilM. Unused and no use since my RC200 was nicked. No idea how much these were. Let’s say £20 posted and call me out if that’s more than the original cost. Will add images later.
  9. secret_squirrel

    Modern-ish Seat Collars and Headsets, Hope, Salsa

    Headsets Seat Collars and spacers **SWAPS will swap any of the below for a Hope Black or Orange 28.6 Seat collar/QR, ditto Orange or Black headset with 1.5 lower ** Salsa 28.6 - lighty used £15 Hope Orange 30.0 - £15 Hope Black 31.8 QR - £15 Hope Black 31.8 bolt - £13 Xlite Spacers - £5...
  10. secret_squirrel

    Look at this and cry! (Sad Dave Hinde Content) ... SwyMlcdY9Q Hands up who'd like to do that do the owner?
  11. secret_squirrel


    Rock Shox judy xc fork £50 posted PPG. SOLD Rock Shox judy xc fork Orange £35 posted - SOLD Pace RC40 XCAM . £60 PPG Posted. SOLD
  12. secret_squirrel

    Hub dyno noob

    Hello Retrobike Massive, Need some advice - got my first dyno hub at the weekend and just wanted confirmation that is OK. Basically it feels like it has really rough bearings but spaced at quarters around the hub. I assume this is the gubbins for the dynamo and it normal? The hub is brand...
  13. secret_squirrel

    ALL SOLD Turbines Black ones and Orange ones

    3 sets of turbines all 175 length, compact rings Full album here :!Am-7wFMkspm4gbARIrUfdyhQK-2Fog?e=HUdeTT Black "Raceface Forged" £20 - almost certainly sold. SOLD Black "Turbine Raceface Forged" . £25 . - SOLD Orange - £30 . - SOLD 3 Raceface Chain rings . £20 with...
  14. secret_squirrel

    Sachs Ergos by Campy . SOLD

    I bought these through sheer lust, but never had a bike to put them on. Campag manufactured but Shimano 3x8 pull ratios. Nick in top of 1 hood and slight tear in other hood. £20 . SOLD to Rod_saetan See album here :!Am-7wFMkspm4gbANBwz ... g?e=8X6ENY
  15. secret_squirrel

    Token BB ISO 111mm £12.50

    Also have a Token 111mm ISO taper BB that I fitted but never rode. Slightly nibbled cup. £12.50 Selling on my utility wheelset SOLD at £50 collected. Great set of wheels that have seen me through a number of Sportives on my modern bike, tubeless and non-tubeless. Stans ZTR Alpha 400's on...
  16. secret_squirrel

    73mm Royce TI BB, Hope Ti Glide Wheels,Hope Mech Disc's

    My Entire hope collection for sale Full Photo Album!Am-7wFMkspm4gbABVRV ... g?e=oLOqNy I prefer dibs on Thread and Package deals and collections so will try to serve everybody within those boundaries. Royce BB 73mmx113mm £40 (Hope in pics is Gone) More pics in...
  17. secret_squirrel

    Pace Trails frame and fork

    Never seen one of these on the Bay before.... Hope c2 and leg adapter too. ... 7675.l2559
  18. secret_squirrel

    SORTED all/gravel/adventure 52cm frame in steel or stainless

    Hi Folks, As above looking for one of these new fangled gravel/adventure bikes or a frame in 725/853/931 steel or similar steels. Aiming for the roadie side as a winter rider so light offroad and towpath bashing. QR'S not thru axle. Genesis Croix de Fer, Equilibrium Shand Stoater Mason...
  19. secret_squirrel

    Longshot Modern do it all 52cm frame in steel or stainless

    Hi Folks, As above looking for one of these new fangled gravel/adventure bikes or a frame in 725/853/931 steel or similar steels. Aiming for the roadie side as a winter rider so light offroad and towpath bashing. Genesis Croix de Fer, Equilibrium Shand Stoater Mason Resolution Fairlight...
  20. secret_squirrel

    Wildgrippers, Velo Orange Stem, M324 SPD's

    Decided I have a whole pile of stuff I will never build. All prices posted via cheapest - except for big stuff (wheels, frames) which I will *add* on the postage for later. Collection/meet halfway near Reading or West London possible too. PPG or you pay the fees. Dibs on thread followed by...