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  1. tintin40

    Tokyo Olympics: GB's men's team pursuit 🤬🤬 shocking
  2. tintin40

    mountain biking gold :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
  3. tintin40

    presidential bike
  4. tintin40

    I've done it

    Bought a Ti frame. My first Ti. 10 week wait for the build.
  5. tintin40

    Tom Pidcock :cool::cool:
  6. tintin40

    Sold X Shifter

    complete set up for rear mech. Had to make a new rubber cover for the gear shifter. As the importer wouldn't reply to my e-mail to buy a new one. Fully working. £30 posted UK
  7. tintin40

    Sold Shimano Ultegra 10 speed

    Two Shimano rear mech for sale. fully working. £15 each posted. One missing a bush cover. The other has carbon mech cage and a black Ti cable clamp bolt. Red alloy parts. Black carbon SOLD GB only
  8. tintin40

    Stop at red lights :rolleyes: it's red for a reason
  9. tintin40

    Whats going on with the mail

    I seen many horror stories about people having to pay VAT and import duties. And yet I've not had any demands. Plus the retailers don't seem to know as most will send. But I've had a few refuse to sell!! Is it a mess?? Can we go back to the EU please
  10. tintin40

    driver found guilty of causing crash :shock: shocking. :twisted:
  11. tintin40

    1990 Trimble with early carbon fork

    Alloy steerer/dropouts made 1990. How things have progressed.
  12. tintin40

    Your IT help please what is winrotatord?

    A message just popped up on my screen.What does it mean? Thx
  13. tintin40

    eBay?? when did this happen??

    :shock: :shock: I just tried to buy from the USA and bay told me this!! Any body know what's going on?? I thought it was the EU not the USA we had problems with??
  14. tintin40

    computer/ Hifi help

    I'd like to connect up my Blu-ray player, computer up to my amp so that they all come through my speakers. I bought a bluetooth transmitter/receiver. But that connects to the computer but no sounds. Also a picture of the back of the blue-ray player socket. Which leads do I need to plug into the...
  15. tintin40

    1989 Kestrel MX-Z MTB Frame & Fork: 19" ... e-cyclart/ I like the paint and the price
  16. tintin40

    Trimble in Wales
  17. tintin40

    Sold 3D Printer

    Brand new in box unopened. Comes with 5 meters of material. £115 posted UK it weighs 8.35 kg boxed Will look for more pictures asap
  18. tintin40

    Detectives and noxious locks take on bike thieves :shock: :D :D
  19. tintin40

    missing a screw

    Any body know a shop that I can buy the small screw that is missing (on the right) from my Mac mini late 2012? It helps keep the base cover on. Thanks
  20. tintin40

    Is it too soon

    to ask which was the best year or decade for MTB? My fav is 1990's and 1993