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  1. wooly pluto

    Mountain Cycle San Andreas / Tiso Venda / Syncros / Judy DH.

    Hello, Up for sale is my early Mountain Cycle San Andreas frameset which includes: Option no 1. - Mountain Cycle San Andreas frameset - White Power rear shock, - Manitou 4 front fork - Syncros Stem - Suncros Pro bar (non cut) - NOS ODI grips Price: 450 EUR + delivery costs. Option no 2. -...
  2. wooly pluto

    FAT CHANCE Buckshaver Arrest Me Red

    Hi, I'd like to sell the FAT CHANCE Buckshaver Arrest Me Red set which includes: 1. FAT CHANCE Buckshaver frame, size M, serial numer BS M 099 (cool numer :) ) 2. RS Judy SL with 1" steerer 3. CK headset (missing the ring you mount ont he fork and the topcap), 4. TISO Venda 601 rear mech (all...
  3. wooly pluto

    YETI F.R.O. set

    Hi all, As I have some plans in mind I have some nice YETI set for sale. A kit includes most of components you may need to start a new build of an early YETI F.R.O. Frame : nice and unmolested steel frame with no issues. I biught it blac, which I do not like at all, so cleaned some parts. I was...
  4. wooly pluto

    2002 Turner DHR for sale

    Hi all, just testing the water as some plans may go well or bad. Potentially new-built Turner DHR heavy rig is up for sale. The frame is in overally good condition with some (slight) near headtube dent caused by dual crown fork. Nothing to worry about. I rode it for no more than 150 kilometers...
  5. wooly pluto

    1996 Santa Cruz Heckler / kooka, syncros, chris king, etc.

    Hi, up fr sale is my sweet Santa Cruz Heckler (believed 1996, more or less 1996/97 correct) I have built some two years ago. Frame is in good condition, however all of you looking for the show paint quality may be dissapointed as I have painted it by myself. Rear end is powder coated and the...
  6. wooly pluto

    GT LTS Carbon / LTS

    Hi, I am looking for a rear end frame parts for a 1996 GT LTS Carbon front end (18in). I guess these may come from 1996 LTS with titanium link. Would be great to find it... Cheers, Martin
  7. wooly pluto

    1996 Santa Cruz Heckler

    Hi all retrobike fans, Few months ago I have sold my beloved GT STS and soon after that realised that I have no full susser at all. So this is the budget, temporary build and something new to me, as I've never had a Santa before. Frame is 1996 (as I believe) Heckler. As it is the early bike...
  8. wooly pluto

    GT STS1000

    Hi there, up for (reluctant) sale is my 1997/98 GT STS-1000. Bike is in great shape (is in my hands for more than five years, I hope...). No frame squeeks at all. Front forks: RS Judy SL, Damper: RS Pro Deluxe, Headset: Race Face in powder red (NOS from Japan), Stem: your choice - either...
  9. wooly pluto


    Hi guys, a sound RD-M910 equipped with Bullseye pulleys is up for sale... Price - 45GBP plus shipping costs (for example to the UK it makes about 10 quid) or your propositions are alays welcome :-) Cheers, Martin
  10. wooly pluto

    1992 Klein Attitude HLF with Tioga DiskDrive

    Hi Guys, due to new stupid toy purchase some part of my colletion mus go to new home... First one is 1992 Klein Attitude HLF. It is original paint, but has some bubble issues on the top tube where it meets seattube. It is dry-stored since I bought it some 6yrs ago (actually sleeps in our...
  11. wooly pluto

    [FS] Wooly Pluto Ti-MTB for sale: LMDS/Kooka/Paul/Syncros

    Hi guys, tough to write but I am a bit forced to sell part of my collection. First one is a one off Wooly Pluto - you'll find all news about it here: ... sc&start=0 In case of any questions feel free to drop me PM. Price is 899 GBP for the...
  12. wooly pluto

    GT STS 1998

    Hi, I am not very happy because of that but it is time to go fo my GT STS 1997/8 - the one with full thermoplastic head. GT STS 1998 - 18" according to GT sizing, needs new decals Fork: RockShox Judy SL cartridge system in yellow, Rear shock: RockShox Super DeLuxe, Wheels: Spinergy SPOX...
  13. wooly pluto

    Ringle stuff / Syncros / 1" Judy SL crown

    Hi, as my Buck Shaver has finally came home, I am slowly starting to look for: 1. 1" Ringle Zooka in black, 5-10 deg, 120-130mm, 2. or a beautiful 0-deg Syncros in black 120 - 130 mm, 3. Ringle Moby 29.4 in black or black Syncros 29.4, 4. Paul cantis in black - one bike worth, 5...
  14. wooly pluto

    Retrobike makes us feel younger

    A. First of all we search the world to find bikes and parts we dreamed about in the young days. B. As we find them, we act "little" strange to pay for them. C. As we do it, we have to sort out, where to put them to avoid being killed for another bike. D. We feel happy going to a bike...
  15. wooly pluto

    How to put a bike on a kickstand.... Senegal ... r_embedded Enjoy...
  16. wooly pluto

    Thought you may like these motorcycles

    I am in a long love for cool cafe-racers and searching the net have spotted these guys: Enjoy...
  17. wooly pluto


    Hi all, I am looking for a Manitou I forks. Preferably alive ones :wink: The best would be with 1 1/4 crown / steerer. Cheers, Martin
  18. wooly pluto

    Wolber Avioraz on a Yeti Pro FRO

    Hi all, I have an opportunity to have a set of Wolber Avioraz tires with proper rims. What do you gys think about putting them on a Yeti Pro FRO? I am not so sure, that is why I ask.... Cheers,
  19. wooly pluto

    26.8 Ringle Moby / Ringle front hub / Manitou I / Accu-Trax

    Hi there, I am looking for some nice 26.8 Ringle anodised seatpost - preferably red or blue one - for a Yeti Pro FRO... And a front Ringle hub - same as seatpost - could be red or blue - 32/36h... And :D if someone has a spare Manitou I or Accu-Trax - pls give me a shout :-)...
  20. wooly pluto

    Looking for a RS Deluxe spring...

    Hi all, I am looking for a RockShox Deluxe / Super Deluxe spring (maximum is 550 lbs one). I have a 750 lbs one which is way too hard for me if anyone wants to swap. It is for 1998 GT STS like the one on the picture. Dos anyone have such spring? Cheers,