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  1. wookiee

    Wookiee's 2013 Santa Cruz Tallboy C

    After a bit of bother over the last year with my ankles and having and itch to try a 29er full suss I got the Santa Cruz Tallboy frame and set about building up another bike! I have 2 29ers and one is for winter use and the other for Sunday best! I sold the winter use frame so put all the bits...
  2. wookiee

    Original 1993 Marin Eldridge Grade complete bike for sale

    Hi guys So as much as I love the Eldridge I have had a few rides on it now and I am not going to ride it! Rigid and 26" is too harsh on my knackered body! So up for sale is a totally original 1993 Marin Eldridge Grade in 19" centre to centre or 20.5" centre to top. It is as pictured and I do...
  3. wookiee

    Marin Lite black wall tyres.

    Looking for a pair of Marin Lite tyres to suit a 93 Eldridge. Ideally the folding ones but steel bead also considered. Thanks Doug
  4. wookiee

    Wanted pair of 26X2.1 Panaracer Smoke blackwall tyres

    As per title... Thanks in advance. Doug
  5. wookiee

    ...anyone got any red nipples!

    Looking for half a dozen red spoke nipples.....anyone have any spare? Thanks Doug
  6. wookiee

    Wanted 1993 Marin Eldridge red stem, saddle and tyres

    Hi guys Having just bought a 1993 Eldridge, it is missing a couple of key parts that would be great if someone had spare! - Red Marin Lite stem (not sure if they came in different lengths or not?) - Red railed Marin saddle. - Black wall Marin Lite tyres. If anyone can help out let me know...
  7. wookiee

    92 Marin Pine Mountain 17.5 ... SwuMZZC6tE
  8. wookiee

    Possible help with bike collection in Darlington...

    Looking at this bike.... ... EBIDX%3AIT But I live in Chandlers Ford down South! I messaged the seller about posting but he is not willing to do so. So I would potentially need some help with the pick up and posting of it! All expenses covered of...
  9. wookiee

    Wanted last Mountain Mayhem retro ride.....

    Hi guys, So whilst I love retro bikes...I currently don't own any! All my money has been plowed into my modern 29ers! But I will again be at Mountain Mayhem this year and seeing as it is going to be the last one, I thought it would be good to do a lap on something retro. So I am looking for...
  10. wookiee

    1991 Marrin Pine Mountain in need of TLC

    ...If I were closer I would have it...but the seller wont post. Anyone near Battle E Sussex! ... EBIDX%3AIT Doug
  11. wookiee

    ...if Mint Sauce liked 29ers...

    ...this to me would be right up his street! ...thoughts?
  12. wookiee

    7speed XT or DX STI shifters and rear mech

    As per the title. Looking for a pair of either XT or DX combined brake and 7X3 gear levers. Must work well cosmetics less important. Also looking for a 7 Speed XT or DX rear mech must also be working well. Thanks Doug
  13. wookiee

    Marin Palisades 1989/90

    Looks in ok nick... ... Sw5cNYmh6J
  14. wookiee

    Slingshot 29er frame!

    Not for the faint hearted! ... SwUKxYk-f3
  15. wookiee

    Potential pick up post of a bike in Selby Yorks...

    Considering a bike in Selby with no postage offered....looking for some potential help with postage/collection? Doug
  16. wookiee

    WANTED Hope Tech XC rear 29er wheel Shimano freehub.

    Hi guys Wanted a rear wheel Hope Tech XC pro rear wheel with a Shimano freehub. Must have the adaptors to use a 9mm QR skewer. Hubs are either Pro2 evo or Pro 4, I am not fussy but ideally black or maybe red hubs. In good working order running smooth an true unless an absolute bargain...
  17. wookiee

    Things I have learnt No.1 Shimano rattly finned brake pads.

    Thought I would share a few little things I have learnt over the years... No. 1 - Finned brake pads rattling I found that the finned pads in my M8000 XT brakes rattled and vibrated at certain bugged me as I like a quiet ride. Solution. Cut a 5mm loop off an old inner tube and put...
  18. wookiee

    2009 Marin Highway one full carbon hybrid 57cm 22.5" SOLD

    Hi up for sale today...A Marin Highway one carbon fibre hybrid bike. A very light road commuter/training bike. Frame size is XL measuring 57cm or 22.5inches from the centre of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube. Its had a recent overhaul inlcuding. New Shimano XT V brakes and...
  19. wookiee

    Marin Mount Vision frame Manitou SX ti forks stem post etc

    Hi up for sale today...A Marin Mount Vision full suspension frame. A classic single pivot suspension frame is still well regarded and could easily keep up with todays full sussers. Marin size their bikes from the centre of the bottom bracket, to the centre of the top tube which is 17.5"...
  20. wookiee

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