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  1. chumaman

    Wanted Magura Red 1.gen

    Does anyone have them :),may have seen or knows😎
  2. chumaman

    Cannondale M800

    😍blue pearl Hyper + purple 🥰 nice wheels 🎯 and Frame is original paint...'blue version' M800 92' 93' So def:) 92' 👍
  3. chumaman

    1986.5 Cannondale SM600

    😍Great, beautiful pair of bikes, how easy it is to fall in love with a Cannondale vintage club🥰
  4. chumaman

    Magura HS
  5. chumaman

    Sorted Pair of dual band Magura Racelines

    your chance 🤩
  6. chumaman

    Sorted Pair of dual band Magura Racelines
  7. chumaman

    Wanted MARIN TEAM ISSUE 16’’ I'm not sure it's looks more like 18 to me but I can measure it
  8. chumaman

    Magura HS Racing Line

    were in demand as far as I remember ... exactly this model 1.gen ... 0-217-8045
  9. chumaman

    1991 Marin Eldridge Grade

    :xmas-wink: :xmas-big-grin: Ho Ho Ho ... look where it appeared, congratulations, I watched that piece while it was still in Bosnia ... a very interesting color ... but I was interested in higher Tange tubing :) I am very glad that the piece is in great hands :xmas-cool: :xmas-cool...
  10. chumaman

    1995 Cannondale M500

    Such a beautiful piece :D
  11. chumaman

    Cannondale BOE Ashton project

    96 'my favorite M800 I am progressing very slowly but I have a friend (very high) who has already refined his project ... here's a photo to give you wings my frend And please leave it yellow, it is less recognizable but original in color and much rarer :wink:
  12. chumaman

    Neon Yellow Magura Racelines ... 5-217-6446 as I said it is not common to see them :wink:
  13. chumaman

    Help with Marin frame numbers please!

    Is there anyone :?: the last letter :!: :?: :?: :?: :idea: ➡️ feel free to declare
  14. chumaman

    Magura ~ Timeline and history...?

    Yellows like this in my collection but :shock: reds :o ... the only photo I saw of them I have 3 PDF catalogs on how to upload them ? part of my collection
  15. chumaman

    95 Cannondale and a 97 Marin

    Your M500 is 1996....that is at least not a problem to determine :facepalm:
  16. chumaman

    Any info on these WTB tires

    Yes same pattern :wink:
  17. chumaman

    Any info on these WTB tires

    I also got a response from Jason Rico - Red sidewall would have been a custom OEM spec for a bike company.We used to do a lot of that as bike brands at around the turn of the century. that's it :idea:
  18. chumaman

    What do you know about old K2 bikes? around 1991?

    Very little information on K2 so here's my contribution .... I've been interested for a while so I got one it is not in 100% original condition .. as it is only part of the XTR equipment on it polished welds are an extra joy to me and the asymmetrical cable guides I see for the first time also...
  19. chumaman

    Any info on these WTB tires

    thanks guys ..... in fact this is also what I know .... red wall or rustwall ... never seen like you but that's obviously there, they seem to be very rare :shock:
  20. chumaman

    Any info on these WTB tires

    Ask for help if anyone saw these tires and is there any information :idea: