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    Another mystery So it doesn't look anything special, a British Eagle or something, but interesting nonetheless. The only decal appears to say...
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    Something interesting, with interesting parts No bluddy idea what though!
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    Cheap Marin with interesting brakes
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    It's like some kind of mutant
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    Brighton to Macclesfield??? 87 Saracen Paul is going to take on my Saracen project. It will take me a while to sort out postage and only a minute to post this thread. Anyone travelling in the general direction from Brighton to Macclesfield? Or a decent chunk of...
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    For Sale Saracen Kili Flyer 1987

    So my trusty old beast now needs some serious attention that I can't give it. As you can probably see, the drop out has completely bent back 180° I want it to go to someone who will fix the frame rather than just strip it. Or at least will make sure it gets fixed and used. Putting a price of...
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    Khs - cheap

    Any idea how high up the food chain this model is? ... pp_android
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    Banksy's retro bike ... ngham/?amp Hmmm that bike looks interesting, I thought, on seeing the latest banksy. Turns out on zooming in it's only an Al Carter, but still...
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    Free GT timberline splatter paint

    "Free bike to collector" in Facebook marketplace in Brighton. Can't post a link. It's a proper old school one with splatter paint and u brake.
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    Raleigh Ozark 531 1987

    eBay item 203099878804 sorry no link phone being a pain
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    Peugeot Atlas 1988

    Just picked this up for £40 as a winter bike and couldn't resist taking it up where it belongs. Far nicer, more agile and precise, less sketchy, than it has any right to be. Found myself unintentionally bombing along a proper MTB trail and it was a blast. I've had supposedly much nicer 80s...
  12. J

    Dynatech Diablo DX

    Frame and parts - as seen. Wheel has two broken spokes. Frame has broken seat clamp bolt needs removing and rivet on cable stop needs fitting (I have it, with instructions). One of my favourite bikes over the years £25 collection only, Brighton
  13. J

    Muddy fox 89 wheel(s)

    Free to collector. From a seeker. Rusty spokes. Araya rx7 rim. MF branded sansin japan hub. I have the rear and the front is somewhere in storage. Collection only in Brighton
  14. J

    United Mt Blanc. DX Never seen one of these
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    1992 dynatech diablo DX missing riveted cable stop

    My son has just returned my diablo to me with the front cable stop on the top tube missing (and lost). Grrrrr. Can't imagine you can get hold of those riveted cable stops? For those who don't know it's a titanium tube going into chromo lugs and with aluminium cable stops fixed in place with a...
  16. J

    Mystery - solved (Araya/Emmelle double u-brake)

    Missed this sadly, but what is it?
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    Saracen Kili Flyer 1987 531 fillet brazed

    Hope this is allowed. If not let me know and I'll pull it. It's a genuine post - I've just posted a for sale post of a bike I'm definitely selling. Not selling this at the moment as I really don't want to! Just gauging interest. But moving house and need to thin out the fleet. So if...
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    Marin Team Marin 1992

    Moving house so things need to go. Sadly no time to post. This has most of the important original parts inc frame, forks, stem, ti bars, xt shifters and levers. Can't remember precisely but wheels, drive side crank and chainset and other bits not original. Frame is in good shape, paint...
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    Free wheels and tyres ... 1353084091 Moving house so no time to post I'm afraid. Probably some others not in the pictures too. Also loads of other stuff that could be for sale, haven't given it much thought yet.
  20. J

    Saracen items 1990 ... 1347191017 Mine. I'll post the Saracen bits if anyone's really keen. Don't think the rest is worth it.