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    MTB Videos

    Got 5 videos VHS Burning Calves Getta Grip Real Sick Mud Cows Pulp Traction £7 including postage, PP gift or pay the fees
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    Syncros 29.4mm Seatpost

    As above. To fit my Pace. What have you my friends?
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    Seat clamp for a Pace RC200 F8

    My seat clamp has cracked on my Pace leaving me bereft of my (current) favourite bike. It's the bolt on one that everyone had trouble with so it's no surprise. A long shot but has anyone got one spare?
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    2 Tickets to Elbow in Manchester

    2 standing tickets to Elbow at the Manchester Arena on Wednesday 9th April. Can meet before the gig or post. Will split. £30 each or both for £55.
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    XTR Front Mech

    I'm looking for a 28.6mm M950 front mech or the spacers to fit a 31.8. Failing that a 28.6mm M952 but I'd far prefer an M950. WHY?
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    Been ignoring the forum again (pic heavy)

    Not because of illness this time, but because I bought this :D Got another money pit to dig myself into... :facepalm: Requests for more pics:
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    Pogo feedback thread

    Couldnt find one on search so I thought I'd start one Jonty sold me some M535 pedals and they are in good condition and were well packed. Good stuff :)
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    Girvin Crosslink Nylon Bearings and Seals

    As above. There used to be a guy in the States that sold them; I guess they're all gone now. Did anyone buy any that they didn't use or have some anyway? I'll take them off your hands. STOP PRESS - Found the place again so don't need any.
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    Non-drive Side XT M737 Crank

    As above. All threads and tapers intact please. (or even a complete one) WHY? :)
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    Trek/Gary Fisher Rumblefish Swingarm

    Rumblefish Elite swingarm as above WHY?
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    All got now

    Here's my wants list for the moment: Shimano SPD pedals, M737 or M535. Scruffy or otherwise, but they have to work correctly. GOT NOW
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    Silver USE Seatpost

    Silver 25mm USE Seatpost wanted WHY?
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    Yo Eddy BIN but beware Looks nice but exercise caution... Frodsham was where Dave Hughes was from wasn't it? Or Konamad or Ringlemike or Hughesdavo? Add zero feedback and you have a scam waiting to happen. (If it is your frame then I'm sorry but I have to warn others of this...
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    What can I do with this?

    What do you think? It appears to have gone right through. I did mean to get it seen to when it was a blemish but with everything that's been going on in my life I've neglected it :oops:
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    Ritchey ForceLite Stem

    All prices include UK postage, Paypal gift (or fees paid) or bank transfer accepted 130 mm Ritchey ForceLite stem. Threadless 1 1/8" Steerer, Immaculate Condition. £20 Syncros Crank-O-Matic extractors. Excellent condition £40 SOLD Silver Ringle H20 Cage complete with bolts and "L"...
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    Non Drive Side M737 crank

    I'm looking for a non-drive-side M737 crank in 175mm flavour or even a complete one. Also some XT skewers from that era Thanks I have stuff to swap if that floats your boat.
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    Vit-T2 SOLD

    17.5" Frame C-C, 19" C-T 1" Headset Firstly the bad news - there's a crack in the BB area. It has been repaired before but should be an easy repair for someone who knows what they're doing. The good news - apart from that the frame's in excellent condition; it's been my pride and joy for...
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    It's happened again...

    That's it for me and titanium frames. As some of you know I've been off the bike for a few months and I went back to the Vit for my first ride after all that's happened. Looking it over I spotted some 'rust' on the bottom bracket area. Well knowing that titanium doesn't rust, I looked closer...
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    Best 10 Mountain Bikes

    Discuss... ... 42970.html
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    Been absent for a while

    I thought I'd explain my absence from the forum as you're all my friends. As some of you know I had a brain tumour which caused me to have seizures now and then. Well, after a number of them in quick succession I had a scan and the result was that they wanted to remove it. I had this done on...