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    Race Face 42T 94BCD Black

    Hi, I`m selling one Race Face 42T chainring, 94BCD, black. Very good condition (see picture). I`m after 25EUR including posting to EU/UK. Thanks. Peter
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    Rock Shox Judy SPARES & KARMA

    Hi everyone, I`m selling some spare and karma parts of my previous builds of Rock Shox Judy forks. I don`t need them and I`m selling them cheap or for free (excl. shipping costs). If I`m out of prices, let me know, I can accept reasonable offers. Thank you. 1. aluminium steerer, 1 1/8", 190mm...
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    Mavic D521 Grey 36H NOS Pair SOLD

    Hi everyone, I was hesitating a lot to sell a pair of Mavic D521 MTB rims, but I'm sure I will not use them anymore and maybe someone can be happy with them. The rims are NOS and still well packed. They have never been laced. Both are 36H. Grey colour, inc. brake surface. I make some pictures...
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    Wanted a Pair of Bottle Cages

    Hi all, simply as that - Im after a pair (2) of silver alloy bottle cages or a pair (2) of stainless steel cages. No name as well as marked, but not Elite cages, please. Can consider titanium as well on very very good price (I dont want to spend tons of money like with King Cage Ti). Thank you...
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    WTD - Fizik Nisene by Giro

    Hi everyone, I`m after Fizik Nisene by Giro MTB saddle. I don`t care about its condition, but must be usable (i.e. not broken or damaged). Titanium seat rails preferred, but CroMo good as well. Any colour. If you have one unused and willing to sell it, let me know via PM. Thank you.
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    WTD to SWAP - Chris King RASTA for ??? RED Headset

    Hello everyone, I`d like to swap my Chris King RASTA NoThreadset, 1-1/8" Aheadset (see pictures) with any other RED-only 1-1/8" headset like Chris King RED with white letters, or Race Face Real Seal, or Tune Bobo, or Cane Creek 110, or....I`m after at least same headset quality and working...
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    XTR/XT Canti Brake Pad Holders SORTED

    ***SORTED*** Hello everyone, Im looking for two pairs (front and rear) brake pad holders for XTR or XT canti brakes (not V-brakes, nor LX pads/holders). As I need just the holders, the pads condition is not as important. Hope someone can find them in spare bin that doesnt need. Thank you very...
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    Shimano XTR 970 Cassette and Front Derailleur SOLD

    Hi, I`m selling my Shimano XTR CS-M970 cassette, 9-speed, 11-34T where sprockets 11,13,15, 17-20 are NEW, never used nor mounted, other sprockets are titanium, very little use, close to NEW. The cassette is type-bd, be. I had this cassette as a spare part and ready for use in new project, but...
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    SWAP - King Cage for King Cage

    Hi, not sure whether this is correct forum, but I believe that this post can be in either one. Well, I'm after a swap of titanium King Cage watter botle cage for a steel King Cage version. I'm just after this swap, no other steel cage, please. I do not request any add payment. Just need to...
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    Shimano XTR FC-M952 Crankset - Renovated - NO MORE FOR SALE

    Hi, before I go to evilbay, I would like to sell renovated cranks here. Well, this is a set of Shimano XTR FC-M952 cranks that were fully restored by me. I did plan retro project, but I changed my mind and I do not need them anymore. A blog about restoration is here...
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    Litespeed Sewanee

    Hi, with sad and bloody heart I do sell my Litespeed Sewanee full-suspension bike. MY2010, bought in EU. 26" wheels, but do hope that still unique and interesting enough in era of 29" wheels. US size M/Medium (but rather say smaller body, I`m 1,75m). Bike was ridden seriously in forest, but no...
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    Coil Springs for Rock Shox Judy Forks

    Hi all, when had been doing one of the 1996 Rock Shox Judy fork restoration I`ve realized a serious fact - missing coil springs on the after-market. It`s really strange that it`s almost impossible - today - to find any of them (right, if you`re lucky enough you may find - from time to time -...
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    RS Judy Dummy Shaft 63mm - FOUND

    Hi everyone, Im after RS Judy dummy shaft 63mm (MY 96,97). I can buy one or I can change with a 50mm one. I just need shaft. Can someone search a bin with spare parts? Thank you. Peter
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    tune Speedneedle Magenta Custom

    Hi everyone, I have for sale unused tune Speedneedle Custom sadle. This is - probably - the world one Speedneedle with titanium round rails and in a bit unusual magenta (dark pink) colour (the sadle fits old (round) seat clamps). This is classic Speedneedle, not Marathon version. The sadle was...
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    Shifters + RD SRAM X.0 (3x9) Black Custom Combo * SOLD *

    Hi all, I`m selling used combo of trigger shifters and rear derailleur from SRAM X.0 era. It is a 3x9 combination of full-customized SRAM X.0 Trigger shifters and SRAM X.0 RD with a short cage. The triggers were anodized in black, inc. some aluminium bolts. Logo removed. Other bolts are black...
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    WTD: Rock Shox JUDY 96

    hey retro-friends, it`s time to play and therefore I`m after in-a-good-working-condition Rock Shox Judy forks from 1996 (can be 97 too, but must have canti-hanger). It can be either XC, SL or DH version, but must be functional (damper(s) not leaking, nice-to-great-not-touched stanchions)...
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    WANTED - XTR CS-M900 12-32T cassette

    Hi all, I`m after Shimano XTR CS-M900 cassette, 12-32T only, VGC or close to NOS. I can swap with Shimano XT CS-M737 cassette in VGC, if any interest. Thank you for your reasonable offers.
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    some XTR stuff for sale and move on with other project

    hi all, I need to move on with my other projects and non-retrobike activities and therefore I want to sell some XTR stuff I have and I will not need it anymore. I do believe my prices are reasonable, but still negotiable, please, consider shipping costs in advance, 5-10EUR (depends on EU or UK...
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    WTD - black seatpost, 26,8mm

    Hi, I`m after black seatpost in 26,8mm, with length 350 or more. Should be NOS (or in very very good condition). I think about black Deore XT, Syncros, ITM, etc. I can swap with Syncros Ti, 27,2x330 (very good condition) or Shimano Deore XT, black, 26,6mm (black, NOS). I would prefer swap, but...
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    KARMA - RS Judy Spares

    Hi all, I have some last spare bits for RS Judy forks. I do not plan to use them anymore. All clean, ready to use. Some springs and a lot of jig connectors (I think enough for both legs). All for free, just shipping costs (5EUR EU mainland, 7EUR UK, maybe less, I need to check). Anyone need...