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  1. SirLurkalot

    Sold Raleigh Reynolds 501 frame

    19" Raleigh Moonrun Reynolds 501 frame with forks and Tioga oversize headset. Free to the first person to collect it. Sorry can't post it housebound with an injury at the moment.
  2. SirLurkalot

    Withdrawn 1990 Raleigh Moonrun.

    1990 Raleigh Moonrun Mountain Bike. (Yes that one) 19" Reynolds 501 All Terrain steel frame. 26" Alesa wheels with Suntour hubs and good tyres Suntour XC-E groupset New bottom bracket New cables and brake pads New seat post. New chain Frame has been rattle can painted where a stuck seat...
  3. SirLurkalot

    Wanted SORTED - 700c Front Full Mudguard

    SORTED NOT NEEDED NOW I'm after a front mudguard for a 1995'ish Pioneer. 700c wheel. Doesn't have to be pristine, it's a budget build Thanks
  4. SirLurkalot

    A Classic Mistake?

    This is a sad tale and a warning to all... I recently sold my '96 Marin Bear Valley mountain Bike. Much as I liked it my back was suffering even with a shorter stem. So I decided I needed something a bit more sensible. The good lady was away visiting family and I was home alone with a bottle...
  5. SirLurkalot

    Sold ***SOLD*** 1996 Marin Bear Valley SE

    I've been informed I've underpriced this so I have amended it. 1996 Marin Bear Valley SE. Some scrapes and chips on the frame but otherwise good condition, original except Saddle and tyres. Not used since September 2020. To be honest it's a bit too big and streached out for me now. I need...
  6. SirLurkalot

    Marin Bear Valley on Gumtree

    Looks like a mix of parts but could be a good base
  7. SirLurkalot

    Marin Bear Valley & Raleigh Moonrun

    I think it's time to move at least one of these on. I need something more relaxed and as much as I love the Marin it's too streached out for me now and I've had my fun with the Raleigh. 1996 Marin Bear Valley SE. 19" Tange frame, all orginal except for the saddle and tyres. Some chips...
  8. SirLurkalot

    Canti Brake levers

    Has anyone got any working canti brake levers or just the front brake lever going spare? They are for my skip find Raleigh so not worried if they're tatty. Happy to pay for them. Thanks
  9. SirLurkalot

    You Get What You Pay For

    The brakes are a bit sketchy on the Raleigh Skip Bike. One of the problems was the front (right hand) brake lever adjuster was the wrong type and where it's been forced in the threads were stripped in the body so a replacement is needed. Didn't want to spend a lot, looked on Amazon and found a...
  10. SirLurkalot

    Raleigh Moonrun (AKA The Skip Bike)

    I know there's not much love for these old low end Raleighs, but here it is anyway. "Free Bike. Rough but a shame to throw it in the skip" the ad said. It was only a mile down the road so... Nearly got a Hernia getting the bottom bracket out and seatpost was a right royal pain in the bum...
  11. SirLurkalot

    SORTED Cheap steel frame wanted for pub bike project.

    Not needed now, frame fixed. Sorry I can't reply to PMs at the moment I need to do a few more post before I can.
  12. SirLurkalot

    Seatpost Woes

    I rescued a Raleigh Moonrun from being dumped in a skip because I wanted a cheap project while on part furlough. It had been sat outside for a long time and the seatpost was solid and down as far as it could go. The first course of action was to soak it in penetrating fluid then try it...
  13. SirLurkalot

    Are these rims any good?

    Never seen this brand before, quite heavy. Any good?