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    1997 Rocky Mountain Altitude T.O.

    Hi everyone. It's been quite a few years since I last posted. Thought I'd share with you my COVID project - a "back to factory spec" rebuild of my '97 Rocky Mountain Altitude Team Only. The latest step was the addition of Panaracer Dart and Smoke Kevlar bead tires. The only thing that is not to...
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    Looking for front shock advice - 97 Rocky Mtn Altitude TO

    Hi everyone, I have a really nice condition 97 Rocky Altitude TO 18.5" that I'd like to get new front forks for. Wondering what recommendations may be out there in this day and age to replace the stock Judy SL's. Obviously I'm not interested in adding tons of travel to the bike and altering the...
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    1997 Specialized Allez M2 Comp

    Hi Everyone. I'm a first time poster to the retro road bike section ( but not to the Mtn bike section). I've just pulled my wife's bone stock "Handmade in the USA" Allez M2 Comp out of storage. It is still in excellent condition and has not been ridden more than a few miles in the last 13...
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    1996 DeKerf Generation

    Here's the mate to My '97 Altitude wife's custom built '96 DeKerf!
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    1997 Rocky Mountain Altitude T.O

    Hi everyone. Newbie here. I found this site a few weeks ago and I must say I love it - especially going back down memory lane in the "---> 1997" threads. You guys have some beautiful bikes!!! After 14 years of virtually no mountain biking (raising kids and riding my GasGas EC300), I've...