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    Sugino Impel 94/58 BCD

    I am looking for a pair of Sugino Impel mountain bike cranks with compact BCD of 94/58. I dont need chain rings or a BB, and I am not fussed about what state they are in; I just want a pair of these cranks for a reasonable price if possible please! Thanks, Max
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    1" Rigid Forks

    After being let down by my ebay purchase of some Spinners never arriving, I would like some 1" rigid forks. My frame originally had Mag21s on with a 406mm (I think travel), so some suspension-corrected rigid forks would be good. At least 150mm of streer, willing to cut down and cut more...
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    KHS Montana Pro 1992 frame built into a tourer

    Hi, This is my first proper post even though I've been buying things and commenting on topics here and there for a while. This build has been quite the lengthy one, and although it's in a solidly rideable position at the moment, it is not finished just yet. It is by-and-large a pre-1997 MTB...
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    Chainring offset

    Hi I recently fitted a Surly 32t stainless steel chain ring to a Shimano Deore XT 737 crankset with the proprietary inner and outer chainrings. Upon trying to index my front mech, I noticed that the chain was falling between the inner and middle chain rings due to a larger gap than between my...
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    Mavic D521 rims, 32H, Pair

    As above, looking for a pair of 32 hole Mavic D521 rims, in pretty good nick if possible. Thanks, Max
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    1" threaded forks with canti bosses

    Hi, After ordering some Spinner forks on ebay over a month ago, I am getting impatient as they are the final thing needed to get my build to a ridable state... If anyone has any 1" threaded forks with canti bosses, roughly between 160-200mm steerer length, I would be interested in buying them...