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    Wanted Kona velocity stem 1 1/8 for 95 cinder cone

    Hi, I am after a velocity stem in brown for a 95 cinder cone 1 1/8” Does anyone have one they would part with? Thanks, Sam
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    Wanted Race Light Seatpost for 1995 Kona Cinder Cone

    I am restoring a 1995 Kona Cinder Cone and it currently has a nasty and very short aftermarket seatpost. I measured this seatpost and it is 27.2mm but I understand the Cinder Cone should have 27mm? Does anyone have a suitable race light seatpost they would sell? thanks!
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    1996 Kona Kilauea

    Hi, I am fairly new here but thought I would post about the bike that got me into retro bikes. As a now nearly 40 something with an 8 year old son, I have been revisiting my youth and dragging out some of my old stuff from the parents loft. As a kid, I spent a lot of time out on my bike and was...
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    1995 Kona Cinder Cone project

    Hi, I have been into bikes for a while and done a few road bike projects. I got into retro mountain bikes last year with a 96 Kona Kilauea and just picked up a 95 Cinder Cone as a project. I think I might have my work cut out on this one!
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    Wanted Kona project 2 forks 1 1/8”,163mm bronze and 120mm velocity stem 1 1/8” in bronze

    Hi, I am after a set of Kona project 2 forks for a 95 Kona Cinder Cone. It is a 19” frame so I need 163mm steerer length and 1 1/8”. Also after a matching velocity stem 120mm for 1 1/8”. Does anyone have either of these spare and consider selling? thanks, Sam