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    Orange C16RS build thread

    I've heard of the C16R, a school friend of mine had one from new, but I'm not familiar with the C16RS. What is/are the difference(s)?
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    '93 Peugeot Team Line 2000 autopsy

    I don't have any Suntour pedals mate. I had a pair of MKS about 25-30 years ago, but I only recently found out that Suntour used them and have only ever seen their version in pictures.
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    '93 Peugeot Team Line 2000 autopsy

    I've no idea, but my guess would be Suntour licensing the design from MKS. Suntour's version was called PL-XP10 with a ti axle, or PL-XP11 with a steel axle (thanks Google!) but, looking at these images, you can clearly see they are the same pedal as the MKS MXP-110, even the model name is similar.
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    '93 Peugeot Team Line 2000 autopsy

    Those MKS pedals were my first foray into clipless, aged around 13. I only found out fairly recently, though, that Suntour XC Pro were actually the same pedal with a different logo.
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    New arrival, 96 Kilauea

    I think you may be thinking of the Lava Dome, the Fire Mountain was a charcoal grey colour (I had one) - pretty much the colour of the fork and stem on yours, to be honest. I didn't realise the Kilauea was actually blue until seeing your photos.
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    New arrival, 96 Kilauea

    Great looking bike. I'd be interested to see one of these and a '96 Fire Mountain in the same photo as they look to be either the same or a very similar colour.
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    The sequence of bikes from the mid 80s.....for me - how about for you?

    - Emmelle Nevada 15 (gas pipe tank, 15 friction shift gears, steel 24" rims) - Hawk Trakatak (another gas pipe tank, bought for the princely sum of £16, from a school mate who'd just got a brand new Raleigh Apex for his birthday. Still a P.O.S. but had indexed gears and 26" wheels so I could...
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    Fat Chance Me & Mini Me matching builds

    Fantastic, and one very lucky little lad.
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    Moosey Moose's "Pipmeister" 1995 Kona Kula - Updated

    Re: Moosey Moose's "Pipmeister" 1995 Kona Kula I love the look of 980 XTR, along with 9000 Dura Ace. The contrast of the black and the 'diamond cut' finish looks so crisp and precise.
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    1993/4 Claud Butler Cape Wrath 653 stalled..for now

    Re: 1993/4 Cape Wrath 653 (Retromod/Gravel/Cruiser) I love the XT thumbshifter coaster! Do you have a link to where I could get one? Just tried fleabay but nothing doing there.
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    1995: AMP B3 - the next lockdown build - BIKE NINJA January

    Re: 1995: From FireMountain to B3 - the next lockdown build Syncros stem gets my vote.
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    WANTED: R7000 shifters and/or SS (short cage) rear mech

    As per the title, really! Before I buy new from ze Germans, who seem to be about the cheapest, does anyone have either a pair of R7000 shifters or a short cage (SS) rear mech that they're looking to offload? Must be black rather than silver and in good condition.
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    Scratching That Polishing Itch..1992 Orange Aluminium Elite

    I love the finish you've achieved on those fork dropouts (and the rest of the bike!). Could you give us a brief rundown of the method? I've just taken delivery of a carbon fork for my road bike which has bare alloy dropouts and, inspired by your amazing work, I'd like to try and achieve...
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    2011 Cannondale Six Carbon

    Not sure if I'm posting in the right area, or even if the year falls within permitted limits, so please delete if I'm in breach. I'm looking at buying a 2011 Cannondale Six Carbon to replace my crash-damaged 2010 CAAD 8. I'm familiar with the Super Six Evo, but the 'non super' Six is a new one...
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    Specialized stumpjumper size s/m

    Re: Hi, I have a 98 Stumpy M2 in 13.5", if that's any use?
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    Nice job, looks great. Is that not 1996 lettering?
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    1994 Kona Lava Dome

    Re: If you're anywhere around 6 foot, a 19" Kona will fit you fine.
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    delete my advert

    Re: 2014 Factory Series 32 FLOAT 29 100 FIT remote CTD Lots of very nice stuff, but not really anything to do with 'Readers' MTBs --> 1997'...
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    1994 Kona Fire Mountain restoration project.

    Thanks for the kind words, folks. She's been a labour of love but now I get to reap the benefits; she was always intended to be a rider, so ride her I will! The next project is already underway...