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    Wanted early 80's Shimano MTD rear Derailleur for early Ridgeback

    It's a Shimano RD-AL11, lower spec than M700.
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    Mavic X 317 Disc Rim, 26", 32hole wanted

    I've a pair of new 32h X317 Disc rims.
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    Restore a vintage rear shock, try contact to "Risse Racing"

    You will have to phone them or try posting on their Facebook page,
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    XTR M970 9x3 speed shifters or M760 SORTED

    Re: XTR M970 9x3 speed shifters or M760 3x9 pods With a rapid rise mech all thumb shifters will be the opposite way round.
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    Anyone use a sprocket wear checker?

    Select which gear is suspect, apply the brake, & apply force to the crank whilst watching for the chain riding up the teeth on the sprocket. If it rides up it's replacement time.
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    I have approx 6m of nos genuine Hope Hydro 6mm hose available @ £9 per metre + £2 p&p.
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    For Sale For Sale - Parts

    spoke count & price on the silver front hub please.
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    Hope C2 spares...

    There's 2 different levers & 3 different pistons, iirc you also need to be aware that there's only 1 type covered in the new piston seal kits.
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    I have one Roy but its not complete, I'll dig it out & send you some photos.
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    hg70 chain/cassette, un71bb

    Re: Rapid rise mechs, hg70 chain/cassette, un71bb Hi, I've sent you a pm. with my email address.
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    hg70 chain/cassette, un71bb

    Re: Rapid rise mechs, hg70 chain/cassette, un71bb M770 rear mechs still available ?.
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    XTR clearout

    Pm sent re brake sets & rear mech.
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    Custom fork spring company?

    I've used these guys on a few occasions (not bike related), they are based in Bristol & offer a fantastic service.
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    LOOK Fournales carbon linkage forks

    Re: My Global Ti softail.
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    Wanted 2004 Stumpjumper FSR link

    viewtopic.php?f=78&t=414778 :?:
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    Ebay £10 off items over £20

    No it WAS as I wrote it & applied to eBay APP purchases only, ffs just Google it.
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    Cantilever brake spring

    I've literally got loads of them, pm your address.
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    Sorted : Rock Shox Part Request

    Re: Rock Shox Part Request Rock shox jet ?.
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    Mavic crossride rim laced back to front

    My Crossride disc/v brake rims have decals on both sides so they can't be back to front.