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  1. Rabbit171

    1990 Alpinestar Cro Mega DX Renovation

    Re: Hi Marc, love the LX looks really neat - a tad muddy but neat all the same :-) The bike was like looking at a barn find when my friend gave it back to me. It had been stored in an outhouse for the past 5 years, so I've got my work cut out on this one. The picture below is how it looked...
  2. Rabbit171

    1990 Alpinestar Cro Mega DX Renovation

    Hi All, I let a friend borrow my old Alpinestar and he recently asked me if I wanted it back - he's only had it 7 years! Oh dear it's looking a good deal sadder than when I let him have it :-( I bought it new back in 1990 for the princely sum of £574 from Reg Braddick in Cardiff which makes...
  3. Rabbit171

    Newbie from the retro era :)

    The brake lever covers were quite possible sticky fingers :D
  4. Rabbit171

    Movember 2009

    Hi All, I saw the recent thread about Movember and wanted to know how those of you who are taking part are getting on, and to keep the campaign at the forefront so people don't forget about it! :D For your entertainment :lol: here is a picture of my effort as of 9th of November! If...
  5. Rabbit171

    police need help with ID:

    Saw these advertised recently, useful for just this purpose: ... d.php#bike do all kinds of different ones :D
  6. Rabbit171

    Ooooo..that was a big hill

    Caerphilly Mountain near as damn killed me last time I climbed it and that was with 21 gears! :oops: let alone on a fixed gear, don't think your weak, insane maybe!:D The view from the top is worth the effort though!
  7. Rabbit171

    Any Sparky's - And I mean Electricians! ;-)

    Thank you very much one and all :D I'll go down the route of lower wattage bulbs, the wife would never forgive me if I burnt the house down :lol: Thanks once again
  8. Rabbit171

    Any Sparky's - And I mean Electricians! ;-)

    Hi all, just wondering if there are any electricians amongst us who could help me with a small electrical dilemma? I have some low voltage garden lights that I've had in the garden for years and they work wonderfully. The problem is that the missus has re-landscaped the garden meaning I...
  9. Rabbit171

    Project No.5: Alpinestars cro-mega DX 1991

    Excellent looking bike, I've always loved Alpinestars. Just a question why haven't you kept the original saddle? it didn't look in bad condition from the photos. If you're not using the original and it's in reasonable nick, I'd be interested if its looking for a home. :D as the one on mine is...
  10. Rabbit171

    Alpinestars Cro-mega any good?

    Alpinestars were and still are fantastic to ride :D I still ride my non e-stay Cro-Mega DX now and it's every bit as goo as it was when I bought it in 1990! This is my one, still renovating it, but nearly completely original :D This is lighter than my GT as well
  11. Rabbit171

    early 90's tyres

    onza porcupines :D got some kevlar folding ones off ebay a month or so ago £24 a pair (inc delivery!) 8) Just checked they've got them again link: ... 1|294%3A50 cooler than fonzie! :lol:
  12. Rabbit171

    'MY' 1948 rudge whitworth

    that's one hell of a hockey stick collection! :lol: It isn't St Trinians basement is it, what with all the bad habits and dirty bikes is it! :lol:
  13. Rabbit171

    First STi units...were when?

    I've got Deore DX STI's on my Alpinestar. They work as well today as they did when I bought the bike in 1990 lovely response and the two fingered brake levers are terrific! 8)
  14. Rabbit171

    What bottle cages are on your retro rig?

    Zefal for me :D
  15. Rabbit171

    Todays Picture

    I used to ride from Cardiff Town Centre up to Castell Coch most days when I lived in Cardiff, beautiful run! Well envious :D Used to take the bridleway up through the forest above Tongwynlais. I'll have to take a pootle up there sometime soon, my Mother lives in Castle View in Caerphilly so...
  16. Rabbit171

    Todays Picture

    is that on the Taff Trail just by Coryton by any chance?
  17. Rabbit171

    Molbile phone cameras

    They're cool Harry, I'm a fellow Cardiffian, although I live out near Bridgend. My friend showed me one done on his camera from the London Eye and its cool. The cameras with these stitchers on work really well. Did this of Pencoed after the snow in February and took the other from Exmoor of...
  18. Rabbit171

    Retro cameras?

    I'm the same :D I have complete camera and lens sets of Olympus OM2 and OM10, and bodies and a lens or two of the follwing, Nikon F, Pentax Asahi, Nikon F65, and a Rolleiflex TLR medium format. All work perfectly. Use mainly a Nikon D80 nowadays, but always use it in complete manual mode...
  19. Rabbit171

    Can you sell used spokes?

    Absolutely superb questions in that thread! Especially the Guatamalan! :lol: :lol:
  20. Rabbit171

    Help how easy is it to build a wheel??

    Excellent find - but does he have to sing! :lol: :lol: :lol: