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  1. pete_mcc

    My new workshop, showing off cos I’m happy

    For the past year I’ve been working on a extension on the house. We used to have a triple length garage that ran the whole length of the house and out the back into our garden but we (I) sacrificed half of it to turn into a new extension on the house. So, in return, I was allowed to go mad in...
  2. pete_mcc

    Re: Michael Kors

    Edit: now that you mods have deleted the original post it looks like I created a spam thread about Michael Kors bags or something. Everyone who knows me knows I’m all about Hermes, or Primark.
  3. pete_mcc

    Anyone in Sweden/Denmark help with web purchase? SORTED!

    Not really retro but I want to buy a now obsolete part for my Rohloff Speedhub. It’s a rare part that I have found in a shop in Denmark but I have two problems - my Danish is non-existant, and I’m not sure if this guy ships beyond Denmark or Sweden. The part I am after is a replacement shifter...
  4. pete_mcc

    modeling agencies in dc

    Re: Tampa models, that’s what Harvey Weinstein is up for. It’s a no from me Kelvin
  5. pete_mcc

    £100 GT RTS

    Looks like a fairly decent one too:
  6. pete_mcc

    Oakley Mars & Concrete, Ti cranks and Victorian paperweights

    My somewhat eclectic eBay auctions: More bizarreness to come....
  7. pete_mcc

    Original 1990s Bebop pedals (not modern VP remakes)

    I have a set of original, early Bebop pedals from the mid/late 90s and well before the VP remakes. These were stupidly expensive when new (Bikepro has them listed at nearly $200 back in 1997), they were amongst the lightest and most expensive pedals available. They rivalled Speedplay in terms...
  8. pete_mcc

    Columbus Max forks, Record 10speed, Turbo, Flite, Brooks

    Loads of stuff up for auction:
  9. pete_mcc

    NOS silver 48t Cooks 110bcd Chainring

    Last one in my stash:
  10. pete_mcc

    NOS NIP Fat Chance Jersey

    Still in its packet from when I bought it years ago, untouched, unopened:
  11. pete_mcc

    NOS Fat Chance Jersey

    Just found this in my cycling kit drawer. Unused, untouched and unopened. I think I bought a bunch of these from a warehouse clearance years back. Obviously I'm too big these days to wear it so it's going to remain in the packet like some Fat Chance time capsule and will probably have to go on...
  12. pete_mcc

    NOS silver 110bcd Cooks RSR cranks with caps

    I am having a purge, just too many bits gathering dust in boxes and I want to see some of them out and on bikes! These are the last NOS cooks I have and come with caps, bolts and spacers. I'll do a special Retrobiker price for anyone on here
  13. pete_mcc

    Moots Portage Pad

    A rare item from my stash: a NOS portage pad, ideal for your 80s fillet brazed beauty. I'll do a special retrobiker price on this. Check out my other bits and bobs
  14. pete_mcc

    NOS turquoise Ringlé Cam twist holey skewers -full set! I'll knock a bit off for retrobikers, check out my other bits for more exotica!
  15. pete_mcc

    Boxed NOS Ringlé Trail Stem

    Boxed, NOS Ringle Trail stem with 1" and 1 1/4" quill bits: The most complete set up, when was the last time you saw one of these boxed! Special price for retrobikers and check out my other bits!
  16. pete_mcc

    NOS set of 70s curved Mathausers
  17. pete_mcc

    1st gen bullseye cranks with original BB Check out my other stuff as well, all manner of exotica
  18. pete_mcc

    Cook Bros PCH Road dog bone cranks

    Perfect for your 1990s American exotica I've got some NOS Specialized Turbo S as well, just check out my other items.
  19. pete_mcc

    Rare bits and bobs, going fast!

    EDIT: Some sold already, some to peeps on here. Buy my stuff! If it's a best offer auction just mention Retrobike and I'll give you a discount:
  20. pete_mcc

    NOS Ringle hubs on NOS Campagnolo K2 deep section rims-SOLD.

    I have had these hanging in the garage for years just waiting for the right build but it's just not going to happen.... 28 hole NOS Ringle Son of Bubba hubs built on NOS Campa K2 deep section rims. Tyres are not included but they do look nice: What they worth? Edit: £20 price drop, £200...