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  1. ChrisG

    Lovely 1992 Trek 9000 - Early full suspension bike

    I work in Yeovil so if his delivery option doesn't work out I would be happy to pick up, box and ship for you if you arrange the courier collection.
  2. ChrisG

    1991 Formula 1 Cycles full suspension - ex Deb Murrell

    Re: Very nice Si and a great piece of research.
  3. ChrisG

    Graeme Obree - Short Film on YouTube

    I came across this on Linkedin... A short film put together by Endura and Cut Media. As holder of two World Hour Records and two pursuit World Champion Titles, Graeme Obree has made a career out of defying time. Mind, body and soul this film illuminates his philosophy on life. Routinely...
  4. ChrisG

    Paul Brodie videos on YT

    Re: This is fascinating to watch. Making each of those jigs is an art in itself. Thanks for sharing.
  5. ChrisG

    Fisher CR-7 Breezer Storm & Jet Stream and Orange X1 Reduced

    Re: Re: I will check tomorrow on the price of shipping to France. Kind regards,
  6. ChrisG

    A good Samaritan and postage help needed please

    Re: I don't mind helping you out. I have a couple of boxes that would fit the bill.
  7. ChrisG

    Fisher CR-7 Breezer Storm & Jet Stream and Orange X1 Reduced

    Re: Bumping back to the top.
  8. ChrisG

    Fisher CR-7 Breezer Storm & Jet Stream and Orange X1 Reduced

    Re: Bump with reductions
  9. ChrisG

    Fisher CR-7 Breezer Storm & Jet Stream and Orange X1 Reduced

    I have for sale this small collection of bikes. I don't really want to get rid of them all but needs must and could use the space so will see what the interest is. All are well maintained and ridden on a regular basis on rotation. Images of the bikes can been seen here...
  10. ChrisG

    SOLD Fisher CR7 Frame £90

    Re: ... f.jpg.html There is some inspiration for the prospective buyer here. :wink:
  11. ChrisG

    Does anyone own this Marin Muirwoods?

    Re: They don't treat there bikes very well in Wimbledon, I was visiting the other day to survey a shop and saw a Klein just chucked on the pavement.
  12. ChrisG

    89 Cindercone in excellent condition

    :roll: That is a pain, I was bidding on it.
  13. ChrisG

    More help needed with collection from Dorset

    Hey Dr Jo. I work in Yeovil and live just outside. It won't be too much of an ordeal to go get it for you and post on. Let me know how you get on. Chris
  14. ChrisG

    RockiMtn's Feedback Page

    Thanks Frank top notch seller on Retrobike! Frank sorted me out with a Syncros stem. The stem arrived this week in immaculate packaging and was exactly as described. Perfect. Frank also kept me up to date with the progress of the postage etc. Thanks. Chris
  15. ChrisG

    Marin frame sizing question

    Thanks for the input guys. It would seem the bike is too big :roll: Chris
  16. ChrisG

    Marin frame sizing question

    Hi Guys, Despite looking back through the catalogues in the archive none of them really let on as to how Marin measured their frames. I have read that they come out a bit larger than the stated size i.e 17.5" is more like an 18.5" does this sound right? I'm looking at the Marin Team in the...
  17. ChrisG

    Offroad challenge...ideas?

    Hi Doug, I've just been reading in the latest Outdoor Fitness mag about four friends who did what they called a DIY Triathlon. They started in Grimsby and cycled across the country from there down to Bournemouth and then a swim across to the Isle of Wight and finished off with a run across the...
  18. ChrisG

    Syncros SOLD

    Re: Syncros, Syncros… Syncros??? Hi Frank, I would like to have No. 20 110mm Cattlehead Stem if still available. Shipping to the UK required. PM Sent Best Regards,