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  1. peetee

    Rixon build

    This build came about as a result of trying to find a frame with the potential for a more upright stem position than my others. I already have a Rixon so was interested when this one popped up on The ‘Bay. It’s a curious one, for sure. Rixon frames as far as I’m aware don’t go back that far but...
  2. peetee

    Rixon No 2.

    I bought this frame on the strength of my first Rixon and on closer inspection they are quite different in build style. If this is really a Rixon it displays a quite different frame number and I would expect it to be a fairly recent modern build. But It takes deep-drop dual pivot brakes and has...
  3. peetee

    Is this a Rixon?

    Were all Rixon frames numbered with a RX suffix? I have one that has this and just bought another which doesn’t so, although it’s nicely built, it could be something else. It looks to be an attempt to build to mid-Century style with 120mm spacing, highly recessed flutes on the chain stays...
  4. peetee

    Revell Rapide.

    Sometimes something comes along and you just can’t ignore it. Even when it’s waaaaaaay too small for you. This was a bargain; 531 throughout, full Shimano 600 groupset. It’s a bit rusty, admittedly, but nothing terminally serious I think (I have been wrong before!) Revell were the bike division...
  5. peetee

    Cantilever boss

    Anything from a scrap frame or forks please. Front or rear. I need the threaded section so if you can hack it off behind the backplate that will fine.
  6. peetee

    Cantilever boss

    Anything from a scrap frame or forks please. Front or rear. I need the threaded section so if you can hack it off behind the backplate that will fine.
  7. peetee


    After some new tyres around £20 each. My bike was built for Smokes and Ground Controls and won’t take anything bigger. It’s very hard to find decent 26x1.95 knobbly tyres that won’t brake the bank and don’t weigh a ton. Anyone know where to buy such things?
  8. peetee

    Colnago Super

    Some 5 years ago I broke the habit of a lifetime and bought a bike that didn’t have Reynolds tubing. Much as I love British bikes I needed something to compare them to and put this obsession into some perspective. What better then than the mainstay of budding Continental wannabes; the Colnago...
  9. peetee

    Ahhhh. Retro loveliness.

    I got today sussed.
  10. peetee

    Rick Powell

    My 1984 ish 753 Rick Powell. I am the second owner. I had a 531pro built by him as a result of seeing this frame in a shop. About 10 years later I had the chance to buy it. I originally set it up with early 80’s Super Record kit then pared it down to a fixed wheel machine for hill climbs...
  11. peetee

    Many mishaps?

    Who's ridden the longest with the fewest mechanical calamities? I will start: Since 1987 with two bikes although for the last 10 years, next to no milage - shall we say 23 years in total. 2 broken axles, 1 snapped seatpin bolt, 1 flat tyre. So 0.174 incidents per year. Thing is, if I hadn't...
  12. peetee

    West Cornwall

    Calling Retrobikers in this area. Anyone out there? Just moved back and looking to be a bit more sociable.
  13. peetee

    Recommend me some tyres

    26x1.75 preferably but could just about squeeze in some 1.95's. off-road tread and reasonably light. Not too worried about puncture resistance but they do need to be able to cope with a slippery tarmac descent on one particular trail so no Uber hard compounds. Riding on gritty hardpack mostly so...
  14. peetee

    Kirk magnesium bike SOLD

    Moving house so got to go. Magenta with black forks. Full Black LX groupset. Good, fully working condition. Collect only from Southampton. Too busy packing to visit this site and all the others I am advertising stuff on so Call/text me on O7956 02I773 £75
  15. peetee

    Crankset Bonanza!

    Clearout continues, all these cranksets have marks and tarnish and rings that may not be original but have a good amount of life in them. Top left: MT60 170mm Biopace 26-36-46 £20 posted Top middle: Specialized 175mm 22-32-42 £20 posted Top right: MT60 175mm 28-36-46 £20 posted Bottom left: LX...
  16. peetee

    90's Hardrock 21"

    Moving house sale continues: Specialized Hardrock 20" Tange steel frameset built with a great set of fully functioning parts with loads of life left in them all. This was the courtesy bike for my bike repair business so was - and is 100% reliable and was liked by everyone who used it - even the...
  17. peetee

    The 50's mystery machine

    Moving house and downsizing my collection (Mucho tears and woe. :cry: ) Old hands may recognise this frameset. Research has drawn a blank as to the builder of this frame but it certainly has class. see viewtopic.php?f=23&t=362677&hilit=+mystery+machine...
  18. peetee

    Coventry Eagle 3 speed Gents

    Moving house and downsizing my collection (Mucho tears and woe. :cry: ) Gents Coventry Eagle with Refurbished Sturmey 3 speed. Perfect working order and a joy to ride. A very presentable rattlecan respray that is going a little flat in places (on close inspection) Chain, tyres, brake pads and...
  19. peetee

    Hollow tech cranks

    To replace damaged Sora item. Preferably silver and 175 but must be 110mm pcd. Can be double or triple. Doesnt have to be spotless but good condition please. Cranks only required but with rings considered.
  20. peetee

    Hydraulic brakes - Free

    I Am a bike mechanic by trade (there I said it :oops: ) and my policy with poorly hydraulic rim brakes (especially Avid) is just to replace them so what we have here may well be perfectly functioning brakes with a bit of time from you. They are all from good bike (not skip finds) that have been...