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  1. dazdc5

    Marin Mount Vision frame

    EBAY << Clicky. Spangling!
  2. dazdc5

    Cannondale CAAD5

    Here is the bike before we did any work :wink: I will be doing some work on this Cannondale for my brother in law soon, just wondered if anyone has any info on it. It appears to have a Shimano 105 VERY tired chainset ie no profile left, just triangular sharks teeth and a stretched saggy...
  3. dazdc5

    High 5 Energy sachets

    Usual RRp from say Wiggle or CR are abot £11-13 for ten ... I just bought 50 packed loose for £14 delivered. They are in date and seem fine apart from the odd one or two leaking a few granules from the 'Tear Here' snip. Available here ... .... >HIGH5<. Buy some. :wink:
  4. dazdc5

    New / old stock and some BB dated nutrition

    Just landed myself three boxes of twenty, Wiggle energy bars rrp £19 each for £22 Great if you like coconut :lol: and not too bothered by BBE dates! More HERE Be warned, they don't do combined postage so keep bidding below £7 ish ... :wink: :wink: Other stuff HERE
  5. dazdc5

    Have you a spare hour?

    Put your feet up and WATCH Apologies if it's a repost.
  6. dazdc5

    Chain Wear

    Just dropped my gauge onto my KMC chain and it rattles around on the 1.00 mark :shock: or how accurate are these tools? Needing just a new chain or will the whole trans' be fubarred?? XT 10 sp drivetrain. :facepalm:
  7. dazdc5

    Marin Mount Vision frame

    Needed as we've just discovered a hooge crack around downtube/headtube area....welding not advised by LBS due to heat etc... mine was 15.5 inch but will consider other sizes,,, WHY Need this style FRAME Cheers peeps
  8. dazdc5

    Nike Pooh Bah

    In a size 10 here :xmas-cool:
  9. dazdc5

    Saracen Maxtrax '96/97

    In great condition ... front forks replaced with an Exotic model as originals had expired, this resulted in some front brake judder with the original 'D' Link brake set up, so this was replaced with the Avid 7 'V' brake which is smooth as silk (original 'D' Link and brakes inc in sale)...
  10. dazdc5

    Easton XCT EA70 rear wheel help

    I have a problem with this rear wheel removing the free hub body. I've scoured Google and Utoob and all the videos seem to show that the axle cups unscrew (mine are simply push-on pull-off) and 5mm Allen keys used to separate the axle and thus easy free-hub removal .. mine neither has these 5mm...
  11. dazdc5

    Help! Wheel/frame centering?

    '97 Marin Mount Vision...we're having trouble keeping the wheels centered to the frame (fork legs and rear swingarm) What would be causing this? We set the wheels dead centre ...tighten up the skewers but after a ride the wheel is slightly slanted to one side ... its started happening at...
  12. dazdc5

    Weinmann Bontrager rims

    Are these slightly oversize, or are the Michelin tyres slightly small? I've bost two tyre levers today trying to shift the darn they'm tight. I only wanted to 'straighten' up the ruddy Shraeder was fidgetting me. Damn, in a bad mood now!!
  13. dazdc5

    Wanted ..

    ..Parking space for my growing collection .. :facepalm:
  14. dazdc5

    Saracen items

    Saracen Tioga pedals with straps ..few scuffs and some tarnishing on the strap buckles..(elbow grease required!!) £10 delivered. Saracen Max Shock Team edition suspension fork ..the elastomers are perished (missing) so no damping etc but someone must have the nounce to rebuild...
  15. dazdc5

    Saracen rigid fork

    In teal if possible, but anything considered. For this
  16. dazdc5

    Saracen Maxtrax

    I just managed to land this.. My first half decent steed was a Tufftrax all those years ago .. before the Kili Comp then the Mount Vision. Anyone got any clue on the fork slides up but nothing holding in place ..dunno if its air/oil or elastomers?
  17. dazdc5

    1997 Marin Mount Vision

    Quick help required here peeps, can I fit a SHIMANO DEORE M590 9 SPEED TRIPLE CHAINSET to my old bike, the original XT has give up the ghost and sourcing an 8sp square taper is doing my nut in!! Cheers
  18. dazdc5

    1997 Marin Mount Vision rear shock

    My son has acquired my 17 year old Vision after he took back the 6 month old Carrera to halfrauds which was falling apart upon collection :roll: !! The original spring rear shock now seems to be a bit tired and after servicing my FoxRP2 and realising the thing is weightless, I'm looking for...
  19. dazdc5

    White Industries crank

    Ebay link :wink: