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    Tange Chrome Fork -124 - Large

    Just after a Tange Chrome Fork for my Koga Miyata. Mine are currently fine but pitted/flaking. I have bought new decals and wanted to put them on some fresh forks. I'm after specifically after the 124 model below. Frame is large, 61cm C-T which has been my main hurdle. Based in SE...
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    1976/77 Koga-Miyata Road Racer

    Sharing my first proper bike project - 1977 Koga-Miyata Road Racer, 61cm Koga-Miyata measured C-T if anyone wanted to know. It is actually an E serial number, so built in 1976, which is also supported by the lowercase "Koga" font on down tube sticker. All 77 spec, 76 road racer was white for...
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    WTB Early 80s Suntour Front Mech - VX, Cyclone, Superbe

    I am restoring a 1982 Claud Butler Cresta 531 for my runabout, my pandemic furloughed hobby! On the hunt for a Suntour front mech, ideally a VX to match my rear derailleur, but am interested in cyclone and superbe mechs of this era. The latter might be better as I have a 36T-52T crank set and...