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    WTD "sport touring" frame/bike or two, sizes 55 and 59

    Im looking for a steel road frame or bike, or actually two. It/they should have mudguard eyelets and tire clearance for minimun 28mm tires with mudguards, so an audax, sport touring, randonneuring etc style. Caliper or cantilever brakes both are fine. Condition can be anything but i prefer...
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    wtd: some nice n special V-brakes/linear pull cantilevers =)

    Looking for a set (front+rear) of good nice v-brakes, preferably something special to them, color or design or that little something you know ;) But should still be easy to adjust and in good working order. So no basic Shimanos, no basic Tektros etc. Not interested in Shimano XT/XTR dual pivots...
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    Wanted: a ~19" steel/ti mtb frame, Stumpjumper or similar

    Im looking for a new frame and fork for a commuter/tourer project. Id like it to have a level-ish toptupe, square-ish geometry, as in not-too-long toptube, so a late 80s frame maybe? Really like the look of old Ritcheys and specialized stumpjumpers. the frame should atleast have fender...
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    WTD: decals for 2004 kona explosif, true temper ox platinum

    Im planning a respray for my kona explosif frame and afterwards would need a set of decals. If anyone around has some 2004 Kona Explosif and/or True Temper Platinum OX -tubing decals let me know and ill buy it off you! Also just a vector image/something to print ones with would do..
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    High but short 1&1/8" quill stem for a dirt drop bike

    I switched to a drop bar on my Rossin Montare and am currently running a quill adapter with an ahead stem but would like a quill stem for streamlined looks and (possible) lighter weight So am looking for a nice quality OS quill stem, 25,4 bar clamp. Removable faceplate is a bonus but not a...
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    Nice n light 1/18" rigid fork, for a retro titanium frame

    I acquired a russian titanium copy of a 90s kona from a customer at our bike shop, but unfortunately the original titanium fork has been lost during years of storage. So i would need a replacement. Looking for a nice rigid fork with canti studs, preferably titanium or carbon but can consider...