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    The End of an Era...

    Argos axes its catalogue after 48 years Fond memories of dreaming over BSOs...
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    Patio Gas Cylinder - 13kg Full

    One of the bonus items in the garage of my new house was a 13kg Patio Gas cylinder, full according to the gauge (see picture). I have no use for this, no Cylinder Refill Agreement paperwork, and company who’s web address is printed on it no longer exists. £30 collected from Warwick in an...
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    Explosif in need of rescuing ... 4003929249 Paint needs some work, the forks are on backwards, but it does have maguras and a reasonable looking Smoke on the rear...
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    GoPro Hero 5 Black / Mounts

    GoPro Hero 5 Black, twin batteries, charger, twin mounting cages, 64GB card and “accessory pack” - £120 Stuntman Pack Mount (attaches to backpack shoulder strap), unused and unopened £20 Prices include UK postage, PPG or you pay fees.
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    Cycliq Fly 6 Rear Light/Camera

    Cycliq Fly 6 Rear Light/Camera About three years old, perfect light for commuting! Will come with 32GB card and card adapter. £40 posted UK (PPG or you pay fees)
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    Relationship Guidance

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    Super Tuff Burner Re-issue

    Never had a BMX bike (had a Sun Super 5, basically a Raleigh Arena in goldish/metallic beige colours), never particularly wanted a BMX bike, can’t jump for toffee now, and couldn’t then, so why on earth do I want one of these: ?
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    New, new bike time...possibly

    Close to saying yes to new shiny shiny, look8ng at Whyte T130, which should cover everything I’d won’t to do (and frankly probably way more capable than i am). Any good reason not to get 2018 vs 2019? Thoughts on T130 or alternatives weldome, don’t worry silly old bikes will remain!
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    Kona Caldera Custom (Italy)

    And not a completely outrageous BIN. ... noapp=true
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    Finally...I’ll start to re-surface on the forum.

    Having changed jobs back at the end of April requiring relocation have now finally exchanged contracts and move house on 6th December. Looking forward to actually living with my partner, cats and bikes again. Things learnt in this time: 1. Buyer #1 - Putting an incredibly high offer in when...
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    Welding - oh my

    Came up on other half’s bookface... ... 743175721/
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    Roof Bars - Ford Mondeo, Jaguar XF

    Due to not owning these cars anymore, and a house move driven tidy up, the following are available. All used, come with keys and hex torque thingies (for the Jaguar bars). Would prefer collection/but willing to meet if distances are sensible (I'm in Warwick). Really don't want to post. 1. Thule...
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    The Cannock Turkey Twizzler 2017 Edition...

    A Retrobike December can't be allowed to pass without a Turkey Twizzler (other meat based products may be available) so... The Cannock Turkey Twizzler 2017 Edition :: Date: Wednesday 27th December 2017 :: Distance/time: 18 miles or so spread out over a day's riding with plenty of stops...
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    '95 Kilauea - seriously optimistic pricing...

    Hmm, maybe the decimal point slipped? ... noapp=true
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    Bicycle Maths

    :D :D :D
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    Cannock Fools Gold Ride - Aftermath

    Thank you to all for a great ride today, was a little disheartened when I saw the weather first thing, but combination of good bikes and good people changed that. And then the weather improved beautifully. Thanks again.
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    Retro on every Continent

    All the usual ones covered...but is that some abondoned M737 outside the McMurdo Coffee house?
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    Cannock Fools Gold Ride - 1st April 2017

    Out of the discussions on the 2016 Cannock Turkey Twizzler, a follow-up event. The first: Cannock Fools Gold Ride Spirit and ride in line with the Turkey Twizzler, but at the start of April, an ideal final training ride prior to tapering for HONC 2017 (on the 9th April). :: Date: Saturday...
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    2016 Turkey Twizzler Aftemath Thread

    Thanks to all attended for lovely ride today, weather was brilliant, if a tad nippy before we got going.
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    The Cannock Turkey Twizzler 2016 Edition...

    A Retrobike December can't be allowed to pass without a Turkey Twizzler (other meat based products may be available) so... The Cannock Turkey Twizzler 2016 Edition Details shamelessly stolen from last years thread: :: Date: Tuesday 27th December 2016 (which is a Bank Holiday so an ideal...