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  1. Bollox64

    For Sale Splitting - BOTM Tim Gould Schwinn (Mucho XTR) PRICE DROP

    So, the build was the really fun part, and winning a BOTM was great, but all good things come to an end. I am prioritising riding now, and need parts for my new Pole hardtail :) The build thread can be found here viewtopic.php?f=6&t=359242&highlight= Finished pics on page 17 and onwards Some...
  2. Bollox64

    For Sale BIG Sale (Hope, X-Lite, Orange, Ritchey, Shimano, Pace PRICE DROP

    Clearing out my Retro stock as; A - I have my retro dream bikes (I've said that before.... 🤦 ) B - Just bought a Pole Taival and need to buy parts Prices are as shown, P&P to be added, shipped from Sweden. Shipping costs; Tracked will cost £13 for up to 1Kg, £18 for up to 2Kg Tracked & Insured...
  3. Bollox64

    Shimano PD-737 pedals (NOS) SOLD

    Selling a pair of NOS PD-737s. Still in the box with the original grease in them. Never ridden. Note! Shoe cleats are no longer in the box, but modern SPD cleats work fine (if you actually want to ride these beauties :shock: ) £150 plus P&P (£15, tracked and insured within Europe) Untitled...
  4. Bollox64

    Size XS frame for my grandson SORTED

    Looking for an extra small retro frame, so I can build up a retro MTB for my grandson. Complete bike also of interest. Preferably 24” wheels but 26” considered too.
  5. Bollox64

    Rare Mavic M872 front mech (for Pace RC100 / RC200 F1)

    Selling a Rare Mavic M872 front mech, which were specced on the first Pace RC100s and some early RC200 F1s. Braze on mount. Seen some use but still works. Condition as shown. Pretty rare part £50 plus postage PM if interested Untitled by Bollox2u, on Flickr Untitled by Bollox2u, on Flickr
  6. Bollox64

    2 x USE seatposts. both 420mm uncut SOLD

    Selling 2 USE aluminium seatposts - 1 with silver clamps, 1 with red clamps Post with red clamps - €25 plus postage 420mm Used and some slight scratching. Top down to 150mm is good, then OK down to 200mm Post with silver clamps - €35 plus postage 420mm basically VGC/unscratched down to lowest...
  7. Bollox64

    NOS Pace resin front hub - 32h SOLD

    Selling a NOS Pace nylon/resin front hub. 32 spoke. 1st version with non-rounded flanges and no grease nipple. You can still see the original grease at one end. £90 plus P&P. Untitled by Bollox2u, on Flickr Untitled by Bollox2u, on Flickr Untitled by Bollox2u, on Flickr
  8. Bollox64

    3 Team Orange jerseys

    Selling off some retro stuff to pay for upgrades to my modern whip :roll: - Longsleeve beenbag jersey. Size L. Good condition. €55 SOLD - Planets longsleeve jersey. Size L. Good condition. €40 SOLD - Monster Orange jersey. Size M. Repair on the rear, otherwise good condition. €30 P&P...
  9. Bollox64

    Pace steerer collar and RC35 fork crown stepdown shim SORTED

    I need both a 1" steerer collar, and also a 1 1/8" to 1" fork crown shim. Any out there?
  10. Bollox64

    NOS red USE bars & barends, Hope wheel skewers. SOLD

    Going Gold on my Pace, so offloading some red parts. NOS U.S.E. barends in bright red, complete with the bolt-on bar-ends, shims and 2 original decals (still have the storage tube and instructions for the Bar-ends) No fade or scratches. £180 plus postage from Sweden £160 plus postage SOLD...
  11. Bollox64

    94/56 BCD chainrings and 27.0 seatpost wanted

    I am selling my Pace RC200 F1, but keeping a few bits off it for another F1 build, so I need the following in Good Condition for the one I'm selling; - 27.0 dia seatpost (decent length), e.g Syncros - Set of 3 chainrings (Microdrive size, so 94 BCD on the big ring, and 56 etc) Cheers, Alec
  12. Bollox64

    WTB Suntour XC Pro front Canti set - Black SORTED

    As the title says, I am looking for a front pair of Suntour XC Pro cantilevers in Black. The normal, non-Self Energising ones. Need to be VGC or NOS The bottom type in this pic Untitled by Bollox2u, on Flickr Cheers!
  13. Bollox64

    Zolatone Marin Bear Valley WANTED

    Anyone got a Marin Bear Valley/Bear Valley SE in the Zolatone paint (bike or JUST frame & Forks) I think they were 1991 & 1992, or possibly 19990 & 1991 I am asking for a mate. Cheers, Alec
  14. Bollox64

    Retro MTB bikes 'n components timeline

    First time I've stumbled across this
  15. Bollox64

    WTB dark anodised Ritchey Vantage comp 32h rim

    I know it's a long shot, but I am looking for a NOS dark anodised Ritchey Vantage comp 32h rim Untitled by Bollox2u, on Flickr
  16. Bollox64

    FINISHED! - More or Less NOS Pace RC200 F1

    So, after selling a Motorbike for more than I paid for it, it would be rude not to spend the "extra" cash on something Retro and super nice..... IMG_E0416 by Bollox2u, on Flickr IMG_0417 by Bollox2u, on Flickr IMG_0418 by Bollox2u, on Flickr IMG_0420 by Bollox2u, on Flickr IMG_0418 by...
  17. Bollox64

    Suntour XC Pro components wanted

    Hi All, looking for any Suntour XC Pro components for a new build. Considering both the gold coloured MD group and the black coloured std group at the moment - depends what's out there... Suntour black by Bollox2u, on Flickr Suntour XC Pro by Bollox2u, on Flickr Don't need Hubs or Seatpost...
  18. Bollox64

    Pace stem/steerer combo, RC130 bars and cgainrings wanted

    New project on the go. I am looking for a Pace Stem/steerer combo - original or repro. Also a VGC set of Renthal RC130 bars in black. Finally, looking for Pace chainrings, most probably to fit Middleburn cranks, in VGC or NOS. Cheers, Alec
  19. Bollox64

    Deleted, already posted in For Sale

  20. Bollox64

    1 x GT Zaskar & 1 x GT Avalanche in Sweden