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    Progress on the bike barn/man cave

    The wife said my speakers are too big for the house so I decided to set this up in my bike barn. She probably won't be seeing me much now🤘
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    Fires in Oregon

    So my wife and I had to evacuate do to a very large fire near our home. I could only take two bikes so I loaded up my Merlin and her Gary Fisher Mt. TAM. Very depressing hope we don't lose everything.
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    What am I doing wrong?

    Hey all, I am trying to add more bikes to my signature but they are coming out one on top of the other . My original links were in line. Any experts out there?
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    So about a year ago I spotted a guy biking through the neighborhood on a Nishiki alien. I complimented him on what a cool bike it was and we had a long conversation on retro bikes. He's a cool older gentleman from California and it turns out he has owned several E-stay's. So anyway, I am doing...
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    1999 CANNONDALE F500

    Scored a mint condition F500.
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    1995 Stumpjumper M2 Comp

    I was browsing Craigslist and found this for free so couldn't pass on it. Needs a little TLC but not bad overall. Just took it for a spin and I forgot how well these climb. Light and nimble. It's going to need new tires and a chain, also a rebuild on the Judy's.
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    1994 CANNONDALE M600

    I scored this mint Cdale at a garage sale for $50.00 US. The bike gods were with me :D
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    Liquid Metal ?

    Anyone have any knowledge on this bike? I am trying to purchase.
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    K L E I N Adept Race

    Totally stoked. Just picked up another Klein for the hoard. Mint condition frame, front and rear shock. Found on the local Craigslist. Updates coming.
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    Velo Cult

    I was in Portland OR. on vacation and visited a place called Velo Cult. It is a unbelievable bike shop/pub/bike museum in the North East section of the city. The owner/collector who's name is Sky, was very cool and gave me the grand tour. Here are a few Pics. and if you ever get a chance to go...
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    Specialized XC Comp

    Yes another project. This makes 5 ongoing :facepalm: I purchased this as a parts bike. It had Fox front Sus that I installed on my Klein Mantra and some other tasty parts I used for other builds. I bought it at a very reasonable price. I will be building this for the brother in law who is...
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    Trek SS project (completed)

    I have always wanted to build a single speed trail bike from a newer aluminum beach cruiser and this thread will be my lessons learned and cost. I found the bike I was looking for on craigslist and traded an old tv that was laying around the house :D Lesson #1 I didn't want a coaster brake so...
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    The ultimate collection

    This shop is no longer in business but I was able to visit when it was. Unbelievable collection. He will still show you his bikes if you call and ask to see. Bisbee AZ is a funky little mining town that describes itself as Mayberry on acid. Also check out the youtube video...
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    Kona experts Opinion on price.

    I have a chance to purchase this Lava Dome. What would be a fair offer?
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    My first E-stay

    I would like to first thank Michael in San Fran for giving me the opportunity to purchase this. Thankfully he has another project in the works. It's a 1992 Alpinestars AL MEGA XT. Now I have four projects going so all will be slow builds and using spare parts out of the cave.
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    1995 C A N N O N D A L E K I L L E R V

    I have Posted this on other threads but it's never had it's own. This bike was in pretty good shape when I bought it. I did a complete tear down and rebuild/tuneup along with a lot of polish. Frame: Handmade aluminum Fork: P Bone Headset: Dia Comp Aheadset Stem: Coda Handlebar: Coda...
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    I wish I could buy them all.

    This is on the local craiglist $250. Jamis Dakota that looks mint. Looking at history, this could be a 1985. Look at the rear brake a cam. What do you guys think?
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    1996 G a r y F i s h e r MT Tam

    Frame: Easton T6 Aluminum Handmade in USA Fork: Rock Shox Judy XL with Kronos springs Headset: Aheadset Stem: Gary Fisher Handlebar: Bontrager Race lite Grips: Ergon GPS Barends: Ergon GPS Brakes: LX Canti's Brake Pads: Kool stop Brake Cables: Cantilever cable hangers: Brake Levers: Sram...
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    P I N A R E L L O Paris project

    I picked this up at the GABA bike swap here in Tucson. Looking forward to building this one.
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    Man caves

    Here is mine :D Life is good. Lets see yours.