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  1. Duxuk

    Nothin’ new in t’ world - linkage forks...

    What a delicious thread! My small collection of 5 bikes includes 3 with linkages. I built a tribute to the Girvin for my Proflex Attack LE which came with an RS Quadra 5. I then have a Whyte JW4 like the 2004 one I had from new but scrapped. Also a Whyte PRST4 which I bought because it was...
  2. Duxuk

    Cinder Cone in the wild....

    I see, like me, you're not a slave to originality. My mates had Gripshift. I wrote a little story about my good friend Mark on my blog a couple of years ago. He...
  3. Duxuk

    Cinder Cone in the wild....

    Old mate of mine, sadly no longer with us, had one which I'm fairly sure was identical. He bought it '94 or '95 and fitted his first suspension fork in early '96. Unless I'm wrong and it's a totally different year!
  4. Duxuk

    First Mountain Bike in Europe? 1976 Klunker on GMBN Tech.

    Our scramblers were not mountain bikes but we used them in the same ways. Trail riding, jumping, cornering and even climbing. We tackled sections like trials riders with not much in the way of brakes and only one gear. I have no photos of my 1977 suspension fork, which fractured after a few...
  5. Duxuk

    A Pilgrimage to Mt. Tamalpais and the Marin Museum of Bicycling

    Tell us more. I want to hear all about it in case I never get there.
  6. Duxuk

    First Mountain Bike in Europe? 1976 Klunker on GMBN Tech.

    But who invented the suspension fork? It certainly wasn't me but I built my first in 1977! We called our beaten up 26" X 1 3/8" wheeled bikes "scramblers". My second suspension fork was A Rockshox Quarda 10 in 1995 and it was OK but not as good as my first. Though at least the front brake could...
  7. Duxuk

    Reusing Spokes/Nipples

    I loosen a number of spokes, hold the old and new rims together and move the spokes over one at a time. Then you just need to tension in the normal way. Easy peasy. I've done it loads of times for myself and mates and never had a problem. Of course with disc brake wheels you're not wearing the...
  8. Duxuk

    GSB's Whyte PRST-4 build

    I have a JW4 with Xfusion, which are really noisy over bumps, and a PRST4 with Fox, which are great.
  9. Duxuk

    GSB's Whyte PRST-4 build

    The graphics on my PRST4 are in good condition. Is there a way they could be copied and remade for anyone who wanted them?
  10. Duxuk

    ✿.。.:*♥ __ New project : GT LTS-3 __ ♥*.:。✿

    Lovely! I don’t blame you for ditching the Quadra 5s. They were truly dreadful. My Proflex Attack LE had them and they let the whole bike down.
  11. Duxuk

    What is light for a retro MTB ??

    I don’t know the exact weights of my 5 full suspension bikes but I do know that the heaviest 2 are the newest. Shocking. A backwards step for much of my riding ie. the climbing. My Whyte PRST4 could be built very light indeed for an FS bike and is my lightest with it’s current bitsa spec.
  12. Duxuk

    GSB's Whyte PRST-4 build

    Beware of shocks with extra chambers or fat bodies. They won't fit. I'm not sure what the maximum pressure is for an X Fusion but if you've read around the thread you'll have seen me preaching the mantra of body weight in pounds rear and 75% front. I'm running 180 psi/140psi in mine. I also have...
  13. Duxuk

    So, I'm a Hypocrite! Festive Fuquay FZ1

    Re: So, I'm a Hypocrite! Sue me! Luscious! I love a linkage fork so it would always have been the AMPs for me. Plus they keep it consistent with the rear end.
  14. Duxuk

    The PRO~FLEX 955 challenge.

    The finish on your frame looks much like my Proflex Attack LE. I've only lightly cleaned it and used wet and dry to reduce the worst of the corrosion. AFAIK mine has been kept indoors and has been barely ridden. Mine came with a Suspension Fork parts replacement elastomer but it's very stiff...
  15. Duxuk

    Surly Troll and LHT discontinued. Their forks presumably too

    In the good old days our rims were lucky to see 9 months before they split due to brake wear. OK, touring you're not likely to be hammering the brakes in mud but I do feel that disc are a major step forwards. Don't mention external bottom brackets, though. It makes my blood boil! Cartridge BBs...
  16. Duxuk

    Green Cycles Hornet - resto mod

    Wow! Early for a competent looking full sus. Does it have just one pivot behind the BB and the stays flex? How much travel does the back end have?
  17. Duxuk

    Do You Remember The 1990's?

    Retro Bike gets a mention if you click the link in the first part ... ion-338903 I had just as much fun back then on a fully rigid bike but riding a classic now is a very different experience to riding modern. Even my first suspension fork, an RS Quadra 5...
  18. Duxuk

    Applying decals...

    I applied some fairly big stickers to my scooter. It may not be a mountain bike but the principal is the same. I got a spray bottle, washed it out and put a bit of water and a splash of washing up liquid in it. I sprayed it on the paint to which it stuck, placed the sticker on and slid it to the...
  19. Duxuk

    Four Bar Full Suspension Bikes

    I think it must have been MBR where I read that the Horst link patent has now expired so it's a free for all, now. For Madmax1993, I bought a Voodoo in 2011 which had a "Designed by Joe Murray" sticker on the frame. It was well specced for £1000 but always seemed somehow sluggush. It was a...
  20. Duxuk

    15mm thru axle to 9mm QR question

    I got this done by Ben Norton at The Bike Cabin, Chorley. He got some aluminium caps similar to the ones pictured. I wanted a 9mm for my Whyte PRST4 which has Big Gripper drop outs! IYKYK, too complex to explain to the uninitiated! I recommend Ben for all manner of...