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  1. Silverfish

    Very rare Yeti Ultimate 16”

    Complete bike as pictured Been out of the retro game for a few years so apologies, not sure what the going rate is on Ultimates nowadays but this one is the harder to find 16” size and more importantly, the much rarer Turq/Grey dart paint job - you really don’t see these very often at all...
  2. Silverfish

    WANTED: HED Wheels

    Preferably with Ringle hubs but anything considered. Let me know what you've got :)
  3. Silverfish

    WANTED: Black Shimano chainring 46 or 48 - pref 730 era

    110/74 BCD 28/38/48 or 26/36/46 - or any combination of these Biopace or round rings - don't mind which But must be in excellent condition - and Black Thanks for your help
  4. Silverfish

    WANTED: Bullseye crank bearings ('BB')

    anyone got one of the following? Bullseye bearings i.e. a Bullseye 'BB' Money waiting :)
  5. Silverfish

    WANTED: Grafton Re-Entry Levers Black (Pr)

    Would prefer the longer version but don't mind the short either. Must be black. Need them for an urgent project :( Preferably excellent condition
  6. Silverfish

    WANTED: Rock Shox RS1 (with an inch and a quarter steerer)

    Possibly a long shot as am hoping for a pair in very good condition
  7. Silverfish

    Ringle Stem and Slamma Jamma headset in Black 1.25" Ahead

    As per thread title. Have been away a long time - need to get back into it and figured the best way was to complete some projects so I can start another. So need a Ringle Stem and Slamma Jamma headset please - both in Black, both ahead, and both in inch and a quarter 1.25" please? Anyone got...
  8. Silverfish

    WANTED: Ringle stem 1.25 and Ringle headset 1.25 black

    Stem and headset in black please. Not too fussed on condition. Length for the stem preferably around the 130mm mark with some rise. What you got?
  9. Silverfish

    WANTED: Mavic 231CD rim 32h

    Just the one - preferably mint condition - need to rescue my ARC build :cry:
  10. Silverfish

    WANTED: 32h or 36h 3DV purple Ringle front hub

    Just exploded the flanges on mine building it. Anyone got a spare 32h or 36h Ringle front hub in 3DV?
  11. Silverfish

    Yeti ARC AS LT ... 49/photo/1
  12. Silverfish

    WANTED: XTR gear cables - NOW SORTED

    Anyone got some M900 era XTR gear cables? Inners and outers? Just realised I have two sets of brake cables and no gear :oops:
  13. Silverfish

    Grafton Pedals Silver - Swap for 3DV/Purple?

    I have silver Grafton pedals available for swaps - anyone got a 3DV/Purple pair? Sorry the silver ones aren't for sale - swaps only.
  14. Silverfish

    WANTED: FTW/Yeti or Cook's 1" quill stem

    any colour. cash waiting...
  15. Silverfish

    WANTED: Cook Bros ti bar

    Please :D
  16. Silverfish

    WANTED: Manitou 3 steerer/crown 1.25" threaded HUGE

    Need a steerer crown assembly for a Manitou 3 fork please. 1.25". threaded. 190mm long. Anyone :D
  17. Silverfish

    WANTED: Cook Bros Handlebar

    Possibly a long shot :lol: Anyone got a Cook Bros 86 vintage handlebar? Preferably in black? PM me if yes :D
  18. Silverfish

    SORTED: Cook Bros CBR Cranks (early)

    Preferably in black. Preferably in 176mm. Preferably in excellent condition. But will consider anything, even well used, as long as they are CBR and mid 80's. But MUST be CBR cranks with the small Cook Bros.Racing logos. Probably mid to late 80's. Anyone got anything? Cash waiting...
  19. Silverfish

    Silverfish 1986 Yeti Yak

    1986 YETI YAK - Silverfish Third Build Well I say 3rd build, I still haven't finished the ARC, but I have bits all over the place and various uncompleted builds so I figured getting another build thread going would at least encourage me...
  20. Silverfish

    Race Face Taperlock Titanium Square Taper Bottom Bracket NOS

    As per thread title - Race Face Taperlock Titanium Square Taper Bottom Bracket NOS and NIB - 107mm Fits both 68mm and 73mm BB shells. Includes ti-prep and installation instructions. £60 each (posted). These used to retail in the UK at £120 :D