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  1. BikesINPortlandOREGON

    Who needs friends when you have FOES

    I recently picked this guy up. I actually got it for a pretty good deal in my opinion. So this is that start of my build. I would like some old school wheels like mavic d521s laced to some hope hubs or some spinergy or spin wheels. But for now I'll just have to live with it. I will need to tear...
  2. BikesINPortlandOREGON

    Been out of the bike game for a while

    Its been a long time since I have posted. I had been thinking about bikes alot lately and picked up a classic foes and decided it was time to jump back on the horse and log in. I have really been wanting to build up another cool bike. So since I picked up this foes I'm going to start building up...
  3. BikesINPortlandOREGON

    did anybody else notice precision billet is back? ... ype-2.html I see the remakes of the proshift rear derailleur. Wonder if the fronts and shifters will come out to play too?
  4. BikesINPortlandOREGON

    s works If it was closer to me or availiable to me when I go out in that direction I would pick it up.
  5. BikesINPortlandOREGON

    wtb kona cindercone or similar

    I need it in a 19-21" frame size. I'm looking for a complete or nearly complete bike. I would like it to have all the kona branded parts with the curve parts as well. I'm looking for a early to mid 90's steel. Just in case, You can email me at Thanks jeffrey
  6. BikesINPortlandOREGON

    wanted 19-21" kona cinder cone or similar

    I want the complete kona package with the kona race lite and curve stuff. I dont care about wheels, cranks, and derailluers. I have my own I will use. I live in Portland Oregon. Zip code 97217. Email me for my phone number. Thank you, Jeffrey.
  7. BikesINPortlandOREGON

    some cool stuff in portland
  8. BikesINPortlandOREGON

    TEAM CHANCE?!?!?!? 250BIN ... 3cc584b847
  9. BikesINPortlandOREGON

    klein attitude for 225 local to me.
  10. BikesINPortlandOREGON

    breezer local to me
  11. BikesINPortlandOREGON

    AMP BRODIE RACE FACE RINGLE *Edit Added* extra pics on pg 2

    I have some stuff up for sale. I can't remember every single name and spec but will try my best. I will also entertain trades and offers too for my wanted list or items. I am getting the pictures and more items now. My latop keyboard is damaged so I am doing all this from my phone. If you have...
  12. BikesINPortlandOREGON

    Diamondback with tioga and lx
  13. BikesINPortlandOREGON

    Been building a car bomb.....

    Step one. get a car. Mine is a geo metro. step two. get really powerful sub woofers. step three. Get more power then 10 cars combined actually need. step four just throw it in the car with electrical tape and random cabling. and vuela!!! Can some of you hear me in the uk? ;) It used to sit up...
  14. BikesINPortlandOREGON

    My Norco Java.

    Been to hell and back. More pictures soon. :) Twas a nice day to ride over in my area.
  15. BikesINPortlandOREGON

    My Wanted List.

    Here is my little wanted list. I would like to get my hands on a polished/ballburnished frame in a 19'' to a 22" or so frame size. comfy for a 5'11'' to 6' 1" lanky guy. I would like the parts to be of Anodized color and in a good nick. Im open to see what you have. :) I need; 5x110 bcd rings...
  16. BikesINPortlandOREGON

    Avid ringle american classic bullseye in 3DV
  17. BikesINPortlandOREGON

    bonty and ritchey local to me
  18. BikesINPortlandOREGON

    Sworks with king xtr and so on not a bad deal.
  19. BikesINPortlandOREGON

    Another pile o listings gt klien kona RM blizzards
  20. BikesINPortlandOREGON

    a shop called Velo cult....

    Soon to come...... ... 162657.jpg trust me. Its worth the wait......