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  1. Brainman

    SOLD Yo Eddy 94 M/L aquafade

    Fat Chance Yo Eddy 1994 M/L in good Condition, a few superficial traces of use, nothing else. Including Fat Chance Seat Post clamp with new seal. £650 + shipping (about £14) Feel free to ask if needed
  2. Brainman


    Perfect Communications and Handling. It was a pleasure to do business with you, thanks.
  3. Brainman

    WANTED: GT Psyclone Frame 18"

    Looking for a GT Psyclone Frame 18" in good Condition
  4. Brainman

    WANTED: Grafton Re-Entrys / Real Brake Levers

    Grafton Re-Entrys black and green in good condition as possible Real Brake Levers silver and / or black in good condition as possible (like this)
  5. Brainman

    WANTED: Hershey Parts

    XLS Hershey Titanium Front Hub XLS LC Alloy Rear Hub (gold, blue, silver) SLS Alloy Rear Hub (gold, blue, silver) Billet Brake (green black silver) Floating Derailleur Pulleys (black silver green gold)
  6. Brainman

    WANTED: Campagnolo Mirox Rim silver 32h

    New or in very good Condition
  7. Brainman

    FOUND: Interloc Racing Design Stem 1" black

    Interloc Racing Design Stem 1" +/- 130mm black FOUND
  8. Brainman

    WANTED: XT II Parts

    FD-M 732 Front Derailleur Downpull 31,8 CN-M 732 Chain all this in perfect Condition or NEW
  9. Brainman

    WANTED: True Temper Bar black

    My Yo Eddy is looking for a True Temper Bar in black in good condition as possible. 8)
  10. Brainman

    WANTED: Panaracer DART Skinwall 1.9

    The original one (Folding tire preferred), no repro´s. In good condition as possible or NOS / NIB
  11. Brainman

    WANTED: Grafton Shifter Pearch

    Looking for a Pair Grafton Shifter Perch black and silver preferred. Condition should be as good as possible, or a Pair for anodize new Thanks
  12. Brainman

    FOUND: Titanium Axle 117 mm

    I am looking for my Bottom Bracket a Titanium Axle with 117 mm or a 119 mm Thank you Edit: Found what I am looking for. :)
  13. Brainman

    DBR Axis TT 95´resurrection

    Last year, I got this frame from someone who has the frame down to 2 years and then placed in the basement. He looked then like this. After a few days handwork and new Decals from Gil, he looks like that. Since I had the most parts already there, the building was quite fast. Stem &...
  14. Brainman

    Avid Microdaptor & Ringle Super Dupper Eight green

    Looking for Avid Microdaptor 58/74mm like this ... ts-c.shtml RINGLE Super Dupper Eight green (NOS or good Condition) Thanks
  15. Brainman

    Youngtimer 2002 RM Pipeline

    My lovely Youngtimer
  16. Brainman

    Bontrager race 1995

    Now its ready My Bontrager Race from 1995 Hubs:front Syncros Hardcore / back Ringle Super Dupper Eight Rims: Mavic 217 SUP ceramic Quick Release: Kore Chain Rings: Race Face Derailleur: Paul Trigger Shimano XT M739 Saddle: FliteMAX Headset: Chris King The Fork works with Eibach Speed Springs.
  17. Brainman

    Manitou Millennium

    Hello Bike Freaks ! I am looking for a yoke for a Manitou Millennium / Supernova Fork. I am also looking for a whole Millennium Fork. If someone have one or have Parts for it please offer. Thanks