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    Wanted PAUL Thumbies for Shimano levers

    Hello everyone, ich looking for a pair of PAUL Thumbies in 22.2 clamp size for Shimano levers. Preferably in black. Cheers, Niels

    Wanted RED anodized cantilever brakes

    Hi all, I‘m looking for red anodized canti brakes. I‘m not too focused on a special brand. As long as they are in good condition and preferably pre 1995 will do for me. Shipping would have to be to Germany if that’s okay. Thanks for your offers! Cheers Niels

    For Sale Flite Titanium Kevlar yellow, XT 737 738 parts, Trek Singletrack True Temper frame set

    Hello dear Retro-Bikers :) I'm clearing out the shed and making space for new projects - at least a little bit of space... I will ship worldwide and shipping will be from Germany. Shipping will be added to the asking prices - but I guess there's always room for negotiation ;-) More pictures...

    Wanted Syncros TITANIUM seatpost in 27.2 mm

    Hello, I‘m looking for a silver titanium Syncros Hardcore seatpost in 27.2 mm. Doesn’t have to be in perfect condition. I will check the length late, but it doesn’t need to be super long. Thank you for your offers! Cheers, Niels

    Wanted Searching for XTR FD-M900 34.9 down pull

    Hi all, I'm looking for a XTR FD-M900 front derailleur with 34.9 mm clamp and down pull. Any offers welcome :) Thank you and have a lovely Easter holiday! Greeting from Germany, Niels

    WANTED Kore seatpost in 27.2 or 27.0

    Hi there, for my '96 Zaskar I'm looking for a KORE seat post in black and 27.0 mm or 27.2 mm. (explanation before anyone thinks I'm crazy: I do have a professional frame-builder reamer tool to carefully widen the seat tube from 27.0 mm to 27.2 mm) The seatpost is preferably from '96, but...

    XT Front derailleur FD-M737 or FD-M738 31.8 downpull

    I'm looking for an XT front derailleur FD-M737 or FD-M738 for my 96 Zaskar. It needs to be 31.8mm and downpull. Shipping to Germany would be required :-) Thank you!!

    FOUND: GT Zaskar in 16''

    Hey there, I looking for a Zaskar in 16''. Preferably in ball burnished, but other "colors" might work as well. :wink: Condition doesn't really matter, as long as there aren't any cracks or nasty dents. Preferably between 95 and 97. Thank you!! Cheers, Niels

    WANTED: XTR derailleur RD-M900 or RD-M910

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a good RD-M900 or RD-M910 rear derailleur. It should be cosmetically nice (if that makes sense), but doesn't need to be in "NOS condition". I'm aware that a really nice 900 XTR rear derailleur is rather rare these days and will come at a price :) Thanks in advance! Niels
  10. NLSFLM

    Tange Switchblade, Struts (rigid), Pace RC30 or similar

    Hi all, I'm looking for a Tange Switchblade with a 1'' threaded steerer. The fork is bound to live in a small Serotta, so the steerer doesn't need to be too long. 145mm is long enough. Looking forward to your offers! One note: since I'm rather new here, I'm not allowed yet to answer messages...
  11. NLSFLM

    Mag 21 SL Ti Crown & Steerer 1'' Ahead

    I do have a spare Mag 21 SL Ti crown and ahead (non threaded!) steerer (Aluminium). I would love to swap with someone who has a crown with a 1'' threaded steel steerer tube for my Rock Shox Mag. A Mag 20 crown would work too for me! In case you don't have a crown/steerer to swap, I'm also open...
  12. NLSFLM

    MAG 21 (or20) crown and steerer threaded 1 inch

    Hello all, I'm looking for a crown with 1'' threaded steerer for my MAG 20. A MAG 21 crown will be fine, too. The steerer doesn't have to be too long since it's for a 16'' Stumpjumper. Shipping would be to Germany, I do have a MAG 21 SL crown with 1'' Alu Ahead steerer in exchange. The...