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    Copper Indy Fab

    Such a unique color combination and great paint quality
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    1983 Box Crown Fat Chance

    This is my 10th Fat Chance and one of the cleanest & mintiest I own She is the 84th FC Built in 1983 and sports original tires & grips that are in great condition. Chris was pretty stoked when he saw it and posted to his Instagram….so that was kinda cool It sports the Reynolds 531 Box Crown Fork...
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    Trimble Inverse

    Sorry-Tried to log onto my Old Photobucket account but looks like they charge now. So....IM me with your email and I will send you pics. Ready for your Custom Repaint. Paint is rough. This is the model with the extra diagonal brace added, internal cable routing and three hole drop outs. So...
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    Steinebach V Brakes and 34G Ultra Levers $225

    Sadly I do not use any image hosting services anymore. So please contact me and I will send you pictures. Shipping to the UK appears to be $36
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    Mystery Cannondale Fork Now with photo!

    Was traveling with my family in Georgetown and was about to ascend the famous Exorcist steps when I ducked into a nearby Bike shop. As always I whisked past the salesman and headed directly to the shop in the back and struck up a conversation about my vintage collecting niche. I asked him if...
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    Zychedelic Zaskar Zacrilege

    I can t believe its been five years since I mocked this up! ... p;t=188087 It has been hanging gathering dust the whole time in the exact state never completed. I've always thought the Sid blue cockpit was sharp. Thought I would try selling the SID Fork...
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    Breezer #12437

    Just kidding. Really didn't jot down the serial number. But I know it is a 1991 (POST American Breezer era) Got it from the original owner (waiting for the receipt and original brochure) Stunning condition! Here are the specs: Fork Breezer Rigid Cranks Ritchey Rear Der XT Front der XT...
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    Now thats what I call a flip!

    From this on Spet 30th... ... 7675.l2557 To this on Oct 7th.... ... 1c5abcea86
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    New in Box uncut Silver Answer Hyperlite bars.

    Hi All. Ive got a set of New in Box uncut Silver Answer Hyperlite bars. £75 shipped from US Thanks
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    Have to fund my latest project so these sadly have to go: • Grafton 175mm Cranks in Turquoise 42, 32, 22 £150 • Ibis Ti Road Stem 114mm (Although Bike Pro says 110) £100 • Kooka Levers in Green)...
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    Feeler-Ringle 3dv Wheelset & matching bar

    Pretty sure I want to let them go but was hoping to guage interest. £250 Have recently had success shipping internationally so I am not so daunted. Will check into shipping. Thanks for looking. My apologies about the late night cell phone pic.
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    Anyone have one? Thanks
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    Turquoise Rear Ringle Hub 32h + F&R Twister Skewers

    $150.00 US + Shipping Thanks for looking
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    Pair of 3dv Purple Ringle Cages New in original Packaging

    $200 US Shipped Thanks for looking
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    Mega-lot of Retro MTB parts! WoW!

    :shock: ... 2c97038420
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    JSO's Monster (Wicked) fat

    JSO's 89 Monster (Wicked) fat I say Wicked as it has the W in the serial Number indicating a Wicked frame.
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    Argos Timeline and or history please

    Can anyone point me to (or provide) a definitive history of Argos? I have Googled till my fingers bled and sadly have come up short. Thanks in advance Folks!
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    Black and Gold Yeti Ultimate with Accutrax & Bullseye

    Have made some changes to the Ultimate as outlined below. Frame 1990(?) Yeti Ultimate Elevated Chainstay Fork Accutrax Rigid Rims Mavic 231 Hubs XT-Black 732-Replaced with White Bullseye Tires Smoke(R) Dart (F) Crank Cooks BB Non cartridge Levers XT 732 Shifters XT Thumbies Bars Black taperlite...