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    Pogliaghi road bike 54cm with original 6207 groupset

    With a heavy heart I am offering up this 1980s Pogliaghi road bike in remarkably good condition. I bought it last year in a fit of nostalgia for the Pogliaghi that got me back into riding road bikes about 15 years ago, have ridden it a few times round the lanes of Buckinghamshire, but usually...
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    ITM Millennium Stem, 100mm

    I'm looking for an ITM Millennium stem for a 1 1/8" steerer and 26mm bars, with a nice low stack height of about 34mm. Ideally in a 100mm length - I already have a 120mm version on my bike, but it's a bit long for me.
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    Campag 8sp thumbshifters - any out there?

    I've just sorted out a gorgeous 20 yr old flat-barred road bike for my younger son. It currently has down tube shifters for the 3x8 drivetrain but he'd rather have the shifters up on the bars. Does anyone have a pair of Centaur/Icarus/Euclid shifters that would do the trick?