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  1. J

    Sorted Shimano XT/DX pedals - good condition

    Hi, I might be interested! Send u a pm
  2. J

    For Sale All Sold! Kooka, Cook Bros Cranks, Fournales Forks

    Hi Matt, pm’d re the kooka cranks
  3. J

    For Sale 26"rigid fork, Kona handlebar, Kona stem, Stronglight chainring, Park Tool toilet paper holder

    Hi, is the stem with velocity decals still available? can you post to Belgium? thanks J
  4. J

    For Sale Xtr M900 wheelset mint condition

    Hi Gianni, are they 26”? thanks Jeroen
  5. J

    For Sale XTR M900 brake mounting hardware, NEW BATCH IN

    Hi, would you post to Belgium? Any idea of cost? Thx
  6. J

    Canti brakes (Kona levers) and Sugino cranks

    Hi Brakes still available? Can you send me some pics in dm? Thanks
  7. J

    Wanted Shimano M900 Cantis

    Also got this mint set, with intact logos
  8. J

    Wanted Shimano M900 Cantis

    Got a nice complete set, incl non original pads, if interested?
  9. J

    DX rear derailleur. Velocity stem too

    Re: I have a nos one somewhere. Dm me if intrested.
  10. J

    Another New Year Clearout - more added 22012021

    Re: Hi, is the moby gone? Otherwise ill have it please!
  11. J

    1992 cinder cone headset

    Re: Pebble, you still got that headset available? Ive send u a pm!
  12. J

    XTR M970a right shifter issue

    Havent fitted a cable yet but will try that first! Thank you both!
  13. J

    Free kona seat collar + some headset cups probably 94

    Re: Ill have them for my 94 cinder cone! Im in Belgium, ill pm you!
  14. J

    XTR M970a right shifter issue

    Hi all, I recently picked up a pair of nice xtr m970a rapidfire shifters; they should be 3x9. I havent fitted them to bike yet, but i noticed that the right shifter only does 6 clicks (so 7 gear changes). As I'm no expert at this, does anyone know what can be the issue? Can this be adjusted to...
  15. J

    FULL Campagnolo MTB groupset - almost everything!

    Re: Hi, i like the levers, ill send youa pm !
  16. J

    Sold Deore DX short cage r/mech £13 posted!

    Re: Thumbies still available? Thx!
  17. J

    Retrobike bag + 94bcd Stronglight Zircal mid ring

    Re: Clear out of my bits and bobs + Retrobike bag Hi, intrested in hg 70 cassette, and potential thumbies. Are these still available? Thanks
  18. J

    NOS XT m737 headsets ( 1-1/4")

    Hi, are these available?
  19. J

    Deore DX groupset: thumbies, STI, NOS & used!

    Hi Endre, are the thumb shifters still available? If so, what u want for them? Im located in Belgium, any idea on postage cost? Thanks, Jeroen