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    Answer Manitou 4 XXL (19cm tube) SOLD

    For sale Answer Manitou 4 suspension fork. In very good general condition. Aesthetically it is great. 19cm threaded tube. 1 1/8. SOLD out here
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    WTB Rock Shox Judy SL 94-95. GOT

    GOT, thanks.
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    Kona Explosif frame. 1996. 20" SOLD

    SOLD for 275e shipped. thanks.
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    Klein Pulse frame. 1995. Size 22” NOW 280e!

    For sale Klein Pulse frame. Year 1995 (manufactured in 05/95 according to the serial number). Original pre-Trek. Size 22. A large size, hard to find these days. Original Deep Forest Green paint in very good condition (it has some of the typical marks of having jumped a pebble, and one mark of...
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    Got! Thanks.