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    Intense M! rear brake adaptor

    MK 1 i have tried that option,the body of the caliper is two wide to fit between the frame and disc. Shogun its an Xc 4 caliper,ive fitted the front to a pair of boxxers although ive added spacers it works fine
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    Intense M! rear brake adaptor

    Im watching it but id like to keep both callipers the same,but for a fiver?
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    Intense M! rear brake adaptor

    tricky this one without being able to measure it first,as you can see from my pcture the shimano adapter was supposed to be for a 180 rotor
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    Intense M! rear brake adaptor

    Yes if you could dig it out,ill try all options
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    Lovely, early and massive Saracen - £100 FB Marketplace

    That is mahoosive, surely that cannot be off the peg,it must be a one custom build
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    Intense M! rear brake adaptor

    Having trouble purchasing a rear brake adaptor for a Intense M1,is there one out there.Needs to be IS to IS as per photos for the Hope caliper,id like to fit at least a 180 rotor,any ideas
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    Spares or Repairs? Really?

    Over done it with that Invisiframe tape
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    Ridgeback 601 for £45 anyone?

    Liking that also,if iwas nearer id have snapped that up for 45 quid
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    Schwinn High Sierra

    Picked this up the other day,bit of a rare beast on these shores.The previous owner said it was imported from the USA,which judging by the brakes being right for rear left for front,is probably correct, its a well spect bike with the original front tyre still hanging in there,just a shame about...
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    Retrobike heaven on YouTube!

    Yes ive seen a few of your videos,liking the saracen episode myself,very imformative,good background stories and build tips and enthusiasm for the subject.Hopefully some more bikes will get the same treatment
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    Timewarp Dawes Countryman

    Wow that is clean,too far for me,bit of a bargain that one.
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    For Sale 1986 F. W. Evans

    Yes, thats is a beauty
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    Saracen Conquest Gate!!

    A bit of cleaning and its not too bad.The frame paint is shot and so is the handlebar chrome,any suggestions?.But the components mainly shimano m700,have come up a treat.
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    Saracen Conquest Gate!!

    Seat post is free so thats a bonus.Do any of you early Saracen owners know where the frame number is situated,ive searched all over the frame and cannot find it.
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    Saracen Conquest Gate!!

    This is how the Gate arrived,pretty crusty but intact,so i just pumped up the tyres and went to the off licence to celebrate
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    Saracen Conquest Gate!!

    Ha ha weekend challenge, thats in super clean condition ,id have to get rid of the city jets though,
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    Saracen Conquest Gate!!

    In mint condition maybe 90 pounds,thing is i do not like breaking bikes,its an easy way to make money,but rarely does the bike return to originality once broken,so ill clean her up and imagine riding up Kilimanjaro
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    Saracen Conquest Gate!!

    Ive bought it and im questioning myself because its in such a state and the gate size frame,although i do have an affinity for 80s Atbs with square crown forks, all will become clearer on Friday when it arrives
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    Sold, Raceface North Shore DH Isis cranks & DH Isis

    Re: Race Face North Shore DH Isis cranks & Raceface DH Isis I will take the cranks if there still available