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  1. pedalhead

    1988 Wicked Fat chance - Medium - price drop!

    Sadly for sale is my lovely 1988 Wicked Fat Chance. I've had the bike two years (bought on Retrobike from James/TheRedChili) and it's lived inside the house the whole time (well, wouldn't you?!). It's tragically done less than a handful of rides since and I really can't justify having it as a...
  2. pedalhead

    Fat City Cycles jersey

    I'm after some appropriate attire to go with my lovely new (to me) '88 Wicked. Small or medium would be ok. Cheers!
  3. pedalhead

    Aluminium frame corrosion...

    Hi all. I've got a 1996 Giant ATX 990 that's seen fairly light use & been sat in various sheds & garages for the past 10 years or so. I'm planning on stripping the parts for another build, but noticed some weird looking damage on the BB. I'm pretty sure it's not caused by any impact, but...
  4. pedalhead

    pedalhead feedback

    I'm doing some trades at the moment so thought I'd set this up in anticipation!
  5. pedalhead

    Opening up my Judy XC after 15 years...

    I'm a bit of a suspension dummy but thought I'd dust off my old 1996 Judy XC in readiness for a mid-90's Lava Dome coming my way soon. I was expecting to see a hideous mess in there, but actually it wasn't too bad at all. Predictably, the elastomers are history (I've ordered some Kronos...