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  1. bside1978

    KONA Parts - 27.0 Seatpost and Dewey Too bar ends

    Kona 27.0 seatpost by TAHOMA -Good used condition / uncut $30 Kona / Joe Murray Dewey Too bar ends -Good used condition $30 prices plus shipping from Canada 8)
  2. bside1978

    Shimano brake stuff - Deerhead XT / DX / LX

    Shimano Deerhead era XT brake levers M730 - NOS -long 4 finger -1x hood -deore barrel adjusters $40 Shimano Deore LX cantilevers - PAIR -Very nice used condition - Low miles -with original pads $25 Shimano Deore DX cantilevers - FULL SET -Nice used condition - complete $25 prices plus...
  3. bside1978

    Syncros 27.0 seatpost - 1st Gen! - Max Patina - SOLD

    Calling old Rocky owners.... Here's a classic first generation Syncros post with a thick top plate. 27.0 - Uncut WEATHERED condition. Works great. No damage, but looks like how looks. Perfect for a certain type of retro build. Anodizing is faded and there was some corrosion on the bottom...
  4. bside1978

    1990 Rocky Mountain Blizzard - REBUILD

    I thought I'd share some details of a current project in the works. I've started the rebuild process on a '90 RMB Blizz. This has always been a bit of a dream bike for me & my size at 18.5. I was 13 years old when this bike was new. A very basic Nishiki MTB from the local Cap's was what I was...
  5. bside1978

    Syncros Hardcore Handlebar - NOS - SHOTGUN *SOLD*

    I've been holding onto this bar for the last 20 years. It's from 1996 or '97 based on the decals and that it's bulged to 25.4. It was installed on a show bike briefly but not ridden. Almost 100% perfect. $149 USD ---> SOLD <---
  6. bside1978

    1997 Rocky Mountain Blizzard - Dekerf Custom

    Here's a neat one I bought over a decade ago. It came up locally and I couldn't pass it up. (It's possibly a 1998 model but I really can't tell - it's my newest rocky... I'm more of an early 90's guy) In the early 2000's this frame was taken to Dekerf for a rear disc upgrade and repaint. The...