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    Mini wheeled Marin monstrosity

    What in the hell n high water IS THAT And how’s he used a std bolt for the HT2 crank axle..
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    Nicolai downhill.

    The M-pire !!! I used to sell Nicolai in a shop I worked in. Had a UFO ST, which I took out the 2007 megavalanche but couldn’t ride it because I completely F-d myself on the first day 🤦
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    Downhill. Cyclecraft and a BMX Action feature.

    Ive got the complete Dirt mag collection this does make me want get a few out! Nearly had a letter published in the last issue. The sport and that mag had a MASSIVE impression on my life. Happy days. (When I wasn’t injured)
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    Steve Peat World Cup Orange.

    Total legend is Mr Peat. I don’t think anyones ridden an Orange that fast since !!
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    Grip Mag UK.

    Remember them both well !! Good times ✌️
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    When did it lose it for you.....

    Never. For me, it’s been split straight down the middle since 88’ ; 1.bikes and tech 2. Riding. I’ve grown and loved both together, throughout the years. Embraced the tech, without being to stuffy (although as a pro mechanic I’ve never been a Sram fan). The secret to keeping the faith is...
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    Is bike shop and customer service an oxymoron?

    Crikey Moses alive. “Most bike mechanics are rubbish” is a massive generalisation and a little unfair. Maybe if your talking about a percentage of younger halfords employees, but hell, we all have to start somewhere (I know, I did in 87’ - followed by a 3 yr engineering apprenticeship so I hope...
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    Phillip "Pipmeister" MOCK KONA GURU AND LEGEND

    Gutted to hear. I knew pip back from the 90s when he frequented the bikeshop I worked in. Well known chap in Newbury parts. We exchanged a few messages last year to catch-up and I always enjoyed his love of Kona. The Tony Iommi story definitely a highlight ! His updates were so real and so...
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    Zinn Classic..... Chocolate orange 🍊 Finished pg5

    Christ. I was loving this thread, in till I saw those bars🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦 Akin to fitting 7ft wide rear wing spoiler to a 60s lotus elan. I was about to hunt for pics of my beloved Z-centuar I had back in the day, but I can’t bring myself to now🤣
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    1990 OFFROAD PROFLEX Ben Serrota

    It was. ! Lucky, considering I never really browse much anymore. To dangerous! How was yours? Any reason you didn’t keep it long ?
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    1990 OFFROAD PROFLEX Ben Serrota

    Thread resurrection! I’ve just bagged a very very battered one of these of eBay. It will take awhile to completely refurb but I have one question.. The above two mentioned that are in ownership, do they have frame numbers? Ive not got mine yet, but I’m keen to see. Re apparently only 100...
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    Is bike shop and customer service an oxymoron?

    The shops open, Ive just so much to sort out, will take awhile. Given time it will have some retrobike reppin no doubt !
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    Is bike shop and customer service an oxymoron?

    Anyone who walks into my bikeshop with anything from the glory days is not just anyone.. Not quite SE, more South central - Newbury, Berkshire After running my own workshop setup since March 17, Rokitcyclery, Ive recently partnered up with the owner of Bikelux (also known as Chainworx, long...
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    Could it POSSIBLY get worse than this!!? Shirley .. NOT

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    Muddy Fox Catalogue 95

    That is outstanding! Love it especially the team pic