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    Specialized S-Works Brochures 1991 & 1994

    I have one not sure if 1993 or 1994 ... it lived in my A- Level school folder ! so could be either year?!... will check later
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    1989 Overbury’s Pioneer. Finished

    Class. Really enjoyed following this, “Retro Bike Radar” activated in the the event frame / frameset becoming availible....
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    Bonty in Manchester*SOLD*

    Arrgh Mineries debut protocol blown!…but then these are non standard times...look forwards to discussing in detail in due course @noteeth
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    Bonty in Manchester*SOLD*

    looking forwards to arrival of this...thanks for posting @Stressed , gave me the nudge I needed to press the ebay buttons... will be fascinating to compare my own early 1990sBonty OR (size L) which was riding since 1994. With this incoming post 1995 Race Lite (size XL). Am hopeful that the XL...
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    Sold X-Lite Titanium Pro Mountain Bike

    @BarneyRubble wonderd how long it was before you spotted this! ... really cool, and GLWS Alan, in finding a new owner.
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    Wanted WTD: Rigid Fork Legs for Bonty Crown

    Was quite tempted myself , but was unsure if fitting RC30 legs would work...the only reference source I had available was this rigid fork test in MBUK (attached below) which mentions some tube dimensions. At least there some nice images of the actual bonty forks. If not visible send me a pm &...
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    Bontrager Race Lite

    Build to ride...that said , treat it to some fresh parts to match the fab new paintwork. Am wondering about giving my own Bonty a re-vamp but, also equally stuck on it’s utilitarian / worn away appearance...
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    Wanted WTD: Rigid Fork Legs for Bonty Crown

    Your welcome, @rjsdavis … I will do some further research, am not sure. Am guessing the crown was the one for sale recently on ebay in Mr K‘s on going parts sale? ... was nearly tempted myself and am quite interested by the Rockshox + bonty crown now being advertised (although have very close...
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    Wanted WTD: Rigid Fork Legs for Bonty Crown

    Do you know what axle to crown length your looking for...I have some ‘mark 2’ legs , in a used but nice condition. Am the original owner. (purchased just the rigid legs from Pace after a few seasons later after getting RC35s in 1992) Used briefly in a recent build, during which fitted new top...
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    Mavic Chainring - inner/granny in black

    Let me check have cranks + chain rings ... missing one , not sure which possibly able to help...
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    Archive Mountain Bike Action March 1991

    yup that’s right ... just spotted that our locations are no longer displayed on this amazing new site (nice work)... the ‘MBA’ dh, I was writing about can be found on somewhere on the (Mint Sauce) Mendip Brothers’ Hills ... we even had / have! a ‘JohnTomac’ corner... Yes loved those MBA’s...
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    Archive Mountain Bike Action March 1991

    Amongst our early 90s after school riding crew MBA magazine was really influential , actual copies of the magazine were rare most often brought back by parents travelling overseas ... we were so inspired we named a downhill ‘The MBA’ as we all decided that it was like the terrain and riding...
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    For sale: Overbury’s pioneer

    Re: Re: Well I decided too small more for me unfortunately...not sure if anybody else on here decided to go for it?...well worth tracking a suitable frame down, had some fun a Pioneer
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    Moots 680mm Ti Riser bar - these are lovely to ride

    had spotted these also, would be a nice addition to my moots ybb, which originally ran titec ti flat trackers, another cool quite wide titanium bar. i know moots briefly made some ti risers, but have never really seen them before...are these. actually the ones? ... ebay ed. mentions...
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    Blimey, must be rare! Mavic rims and hubs

    There is a retrobike member from New Mexico, posted on this thread above, and I have been been in conversation re. Grove Innovation frames... who knows. I rode a similar wheelset in 1989 -1991 , and partly during 94-98. Rear as mavic paris dakar hub on Oxygen 6CD rim , front mavic paris dakar...